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Students plan to revive Chief Illiniwek at rally

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  • Students plan to revive Chief Illiniwek at rally

    Champaign, Illinois (AP)

    A University of Illinois student group plans to hold a Chief Illiniwek rally at the Assembly Hall on campus during November.

    Students for Chief Illiniwek has rented the arena and says the event is planned for November 15th. It is scheduled to include a performance by Logan Ponce, a student chosen to be a sort of chief-in-waiting in case the university ever reinstates the mascot.

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    You have to be kidding!
    They still dont get it! Its over move on people
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      Looks like they moved really fast in this

      Chief Chronology:
      1926 Chief Illiniwek begins performances at athletic events.

      1989 Anti-Chief protests occur on campus

      1990 University of Illinois Board of Trustees at a meeting hears arguments on both sides of the Chief issue. The Board passes a motion to affirm Chief Illiniwek as the symbol for athletic teams on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

      1997 A documentary entitled "In Whose Honor?" appears on PBS, giving rise to increased debate about the Chief.

      February 2000 A plan for renewed dialogue on Chief Illiniwek is announced by the Board of Trustees.

      October 2000 The Chief Illiniwek Dialogue Report is released.

      May 2001 The Board of Trustees appoints board member Roger L. Plummer to further explore the Chief Illiniwek issue to determine if a compromise was possible.

      March 2002 Board of Trustees member Plummer reports that reaching a compromise is doubtful.

      November 2003 Board of Trustees is set to consider a resolution to honorably retire the Chief but maintain the name "Fighting Illini" for athletic teams on the UIUC campus. Proposed resolution is withdrawn for further consideration.

      June 2004 Board of Trustees adopts resolution for “consensus conclusion” to Chief Illiniwek issue.

      September 2004 Board of Trustees adopts resolution that consensus conclusion process shall preserve and recognize the state’s American Indian heritage

      July and August 2005 Board of Trustees adopts resolution spelling out total of eight guiding principles of the consensus conclusion process.

      August 2005 NCAA announces policy to ban certain institutions—including U. of I. at Urbana-Champaign—from hosting post season NCAA championship tournament competition because of use of American Indian imagery.
      ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
      Till I Die!


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        You want to hear some extra facts that haven't made it to the mainstream news?

        1. When the Board of Trustees of U of I decided to cease using this mascot they held the announcement until after a.m. news to limit the fallout- in other words they were afraid that there would be riots.

        2. For 6 months prior Native students on campus had been subjected to harrassment, intimidation and threats- so much so that at least one student was asking to be escorted to and from all of their classes.

        3. Students and Alumni sued the school over discontinuing the mascot.

        In all, them folks are racist crazy. But, they have all been taught that having a white dude dressed in a bad outfit do a dance that looks like you are trying to shake ants out of your drawers is respectful to Native people.


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