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Longtime gaming holdout, Navajos open 1st casino

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  • Longtime gaming holdout, Navajos open 1st casino

    By Felicia Fonseca
    Flagstaff, Arizona (AP)

    Long a behind-the-scenes player in the gaming industry, the Navajo Nation is now set to open its first casino in the hopes slot machines, poker and bingo will bring in much-needed revenue to the tribe and jobs to its people.

    The doors to the Fire Rock Casino, just east of Gallup, N.M., opened to the public on Nov. 19. Set against the backdrop of red rock formations, the casino represents new territory for the Navajo Nation, which only slowly followed the path trod by so many other American Indian tribes.

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    OK, we're finally in.....Now I want my per cap.....LMAO!!!!


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      LOL per cap...

      My tribe makes oodles of $$$ off of gaming as well as other ventures. No per cap, but plenty of money to put into programs and facilities of benefit to tribal members.

      I remember seeing this site when we drove west over vacation this summer. Seems like a nice location. This should be a good opportunity for the Navajo Nation to bring in much needed revenues and create jobs.


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        I think it's gonna be, cuz there aren't any other casinos around Gallup.

        I know all my relatives were there last night....


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          I know the someone at the Navajo Employment Office. They monitored this job site very closely to make sure Navajo were given Employment preference. (which is required by Navajo law.) And I'm sure they will follow them throught.


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            That's the way it should be, and we do it that way too. All employment opportunities with any of the Chickasaw Nation Enterprises business give priority to tribal members, then non-Chickasaws if they can't fill them with tribal members.

            That is a good location, though. Lots of traffic through that area, including the big rigs going through there. Should be nice!


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              The bad news..... They didn't make it Big rig accessible from I-40. But I have a feeling someday.... someone will change the exits in that area...
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                They should - there were probably as many truckers on the road as there were non-commercial vehicles when we drove that way.


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