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Hawaii bans genetically modified taro, coffee

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  • Hawaii bans genetically modified taro, coffee

    Hilo, Hawaii (AP)

    The Hawaii County Council has overriden a veto by the Big Island’s mayor to ban genetically modified taro and coffee.

    The council voted unanimously Nov. 13 to override the veto of Mayor Harry Kim, who argued Hawaii has an obligation to help feed the world through the testing of genetically modified organisms. Council members had approved the measure in October.

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    thank you for the good news
    In the spirit of Crazy Horse...

    sometimes you have to live life as if what everyone else thinks does not matter, but is still a factor...
    that even though you think you are so lost, you may be found...
    no matter what comes in your life, it will be over come...
    and that the real reason that you live is for love, and finding inner peace...
    live free for what its worth an never let life hold you back from living
    One person can make a difference----lets all of us give it a try.--- john f. Kennedy

    other places u can find me...



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