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Lil’ Klamath girl still needs your support & prayers…

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  • Lil’ Klamath girl still needs your support & prayers…

    Dear Editor,

    Laura Schroeder is an eight year old girl who attends Chiloquin Elementary School and is in the third grade. She was born with hypoplastic kidney disease, and the doctors let her family know that she will eventually need a kidney transplant since her kidneys are too small and will fail. At her exam last year, Laura’s family learned that the process had started and that they needed to find a donor and prepare for a transplant.

    Laura amazed her doctors last year and was able to hold her own and held off the transplant last year. Unfortunately the news hasn’t been as good this year. She is scheduled for surgery in December up in Portland.

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    Laura is my first cousin's oldest daughter. She has been struggling very much since she was born; but I have to say she is a fighter. Even though she has many serious medical problems; she attends regular school with her peers and she continues to do her native dancing and such with her siblings and parents. I made my donation through COTA last year, as they are the safe and reliable way to get funding directly to the care of the patient.


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