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Discovery Channel show, "First Nations" an affront to Haudenosaunee

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  • Discovery Channel show, "First Nations" an affront to Haudenosaunee

    Dear Editor,

    Recently Joseph Bruchac shared with the Ndakinna Board of Directors a communication he received written by Doug George-Kanentiio, husband of Joanne Shenandoah, respected Mohawk historian and featured speaker at the Saratoga Native American Festival. The letter was directed to the Haudenosaunee Nation Councils.

    The letter outlined Mr. George-Kanentiio's connection with the creation of a program entitled "First Nations," which [was] supposed to tell the story of the founding of the [Haudensaunee] Confederacy." After much of the project was completed, the CEO who had approved the film was fired and a replacement brought in who hired a new editing team from Half Yard Productions and a non-Native script writer whose changes fundamentally altered the project's original vision.

    Indeed, Mr. George-Kanentiio's states that "this person destroyed the story and in its place created a film which is full of distortions, lies and violence." The original producers of the show resigned in protest.

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