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Klamath Tribes acquire the Crater Lake Mill site

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  • Klamath Tribes acquire the Crater Lake Mill site

    Klamath, Oregon (ICC)

    The Klamath Tribes announced recently that they have acquired a 108 acre site known as the Crater Lake Mill Site located on Highway 97 about twenty-five miles north of Chiloquin. The property was purchased from a private owner.

    Tribal Chairman Joe Kirk said the Mill Site has been on the tribes’ radar screen for many years and the tribes were delighted when it became available. “This private land was part of the tribes’ former reservation before we were terminated in 1956 by the federal government. We will create a Green Enterprise Park at this location. The park will focus on the development of forest-based enterprises that can utilize small diameter trees and other by-products of wildfire hazard reduction treatments and other forest restoration activities. Enterprises being evaluated for the site include a bundled fire wood business, the manufacturing of wood chips, small diameter poles and posts, juniper products and green houses.”

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    Where's Klamath?

    Klamath, Washington?!!! I'm sitting here in Chiloquin, OREGON wondering when I was moved to Washington. I realize there is no way everyone can know where every tribal land is located but if you're going to talk about someplace, please get it right! First, termination and now relocation..... D. Walker


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      That is funny! Guess next time I go visit family, I'll just get off the plane in Seattle....haha


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