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World Archaeological Congress honors archaeologist insistent on reburial of remains

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  • World Archaeological Congress honors archaeologist insistent on reburial of remains

    By Terri C. Hansen
    Dublin, Ireland (NFIC) 11-08

    Archaeologist Dr. Larry J. Zimmerman turned the page on the world of archaeology with the discovery of the eroded and looted site of the 1830s Crow Creek Massacre along with nearly 500 human remains in central South Dakota.

    Zimmerman’s insistence on reburial put him in the midst of a brewing controversy pitting the established archaeological practice of cataloging and storing human remains for later study against the very real concerns of the living Native people, who insisted on the respectful treatment of their ancestors. It took three years of negotiations between the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, the Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Arikara Nation, but Zimmerman and others buried the remains on the site where they had lived.

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