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Uncle Sam: He did it his way

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  • Uncle Sam: He did it his way

    By D.J. Vanas © 2008
    News From Indian Country

    It was 1966 in New York City and the young couple sat huddled together in the rain on the seat of the motorcycle. It was cold and wet but they had each other. The newlyweds, married only months before, had just left church and visiting with family but were now headed home. Though the weather was miserable, the two were full of love for each other and hope for the future. Also on the Major Deegan Expressway that stormy night was a driver speeding headlong into the darkness through his alcohol-induced stupor and the rainstorm. He caught the pair on the motorcycle in his headlights for an instant, like a camera flash, followed by a frenzy of screeching tires, breaking glass and a solid impact.

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