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Sonar maps show submerged Celilo Falls still exists in Oregon

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  • Sonar maps show submerged Celilo Falls still exists in Oregon

    Portland, Oregon (AP) 12-08

    The massive horseshoe-shaped Celilo Falls were submerged by a reservoir after The Dalles Dam was built in 1957 – this much is true.

    But the belief that government demolition teams blasted the falls and destroyed them? Not true, according to sonar maps released by the U.S. Army corps of Engineers.

    Others thought the falls might have been silted over by the river in the years since the dam was built.

    The maps show the falls, located about 10 miles upstream from The Dalles, are intact beneath the Columbia River’s surface. The main cataract of the falls stands out in a sonar image of the river bottom.

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