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Native Intelligence - Controlling human population : A challenge we must face

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  • Native Intelligence - Controlling human population : A challenge we must face

    By Jack D. Forbes
    News From Indian Country

    All over the Earth human beings are multiplying at staggering rates, threatening the human future as well as that of all other forms of life.

    Our struggles against global warming, against environmental degradation, and against terrorism stemming from poverty and hopelessness, are all doomed to failure unless we stabilize population and even reduce it where we can.

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    ok I so whole heartedly disagree with this article. first it is my understanding that white people currantly have a negative population growth, and up here in Canada our people are the only ones with a larger population growth which in my opinion is good, because hopeful one day this will result in more of us and less of them. i totally dissagree with using taxes to look down on larger families first of all cause some women have larger families despite the use of birth control and secondly there are so few larger families on this continent and so many single child or childless families in north america that I don't think it's as large an issue here as the writer makes out. Lets work instead on cleaning up, coming up with more environmental ways of doing things and end the suburban sprawl. i think this will go a lot further then policing procreation. Plus many larger families are very good at making environmental choices because its good for the pocket book and with restrictions on the amount of garbage yyou can put out in a week recycling and composting etc is necessary. My family of 7 always has the same amount of garbage as our nieghbours with 3 to 4 person families (sometimes less), we car or vehicle share rather then running 2 suv (like some 3 and 4 person families), we use cloth diapers, walk, do community farming run appliances at night, hang laundry etc, etc. I think the author is just looking to point the finger at someone other then himself.
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