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Klamath Tribes to regain 90,000 acres of homeland

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  • Klamath Tribes to regain 90,000 acres of homeland

    By Terri C. Hansen
    Chiloquin, Oregon (NFIC) 1-09
    Environment and Science Writer

    Will Hatcher surveys Mazama forest lands. Photo by Carol Craig
    It’s a new chapter in the history of the landless Klamath Tribes in southern Oregon. They’re buying back part of their lost reservation and with that, returns their tradition of caring for and being nurtured by their native land.

    The Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin peoples who make up the Klamath Tribes, entered into an option agreement Dec. 18 to purchase the 90,000-acre Mazama Forest in south central Oregon near their tribal home of Chiloquin.

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    Oregon Klamath tribes to buy part of former reservation
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