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31 Utah bison headed for the Book Cliffs

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  • 31 Utah bison headed for the Book Cliffs

    By Mike Stark
    Antelope Island, Utah (AP)

    For the first time in nearly 70 years Utah has a new free-roaming bison herd.

    State officials are taking the final steps toward restoring bison to the Book Cliffs, a remote and rugged area in eastern Utah where bison images appear on ancient rock art and skulls have been found in the fossil records.

    “We’re bringing them back to their native range,” said Dax Magnus, a wildlife biologist for the state Division of Wildlife Resources.

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    It's about time.
    Also, 2 captivly bred wolf packs were released into Yellowstone National Park a few years ago, and now they're thriving.
    The California Condors were down to about 20 birds when they were orrigionally placed in protective custody by the U.S. government several decades ago, and now there are many of them in the wild again.
    The Bald Eagals has been taken off the Endangered Speices list, and are doing epecially well in Canada.
    And more good news keeps coming.
    Who thought this day would ever come?
    I'm not responsible for my actions, I just do what the voices tell me to do.


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