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Facebook no friend to American Indian names

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  • Facebook no friend to American Indian names

    By Nestor Ramos
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota (AP)

    For about a week, Robin Kills The Enemy was friendless.

    Wrongly banned from the social networking Web site Facebook for registering under a false name, she was unable to get in touch with dozens of friends. In the middle of planning an upcoming trip, she suddenly lost touch with those she was to meet.

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    This is very interesting concept about what happen to Killstheenemy trying to prove that this is her last name. It seems that many white and black people forget that we don't exist to Facebook with different surnames. They forgot about us as Native Americans being on Facebook. I have many families and friends who are native and they are on Facebook but have the right surnames. It was a misunderstanding on part of Facebook administrators. They don't understand why we keep our old names from the past. Thank you for sharing the news to me.

    I had one member who just came on the Deaf forum and put his/her name on the avatar as Childhoodkiller. I don't know if that is the real name or explaining the meaning of the name. I dunno what to think of it.


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      I can't find the Face book group supporting native names! Any clue how to find it?
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        I'm not sure if they actually forget... what's probably going on is the names get automatically flagged and sent to for scrutiny because of all the kids who sign on with fake names or their street names that they have to week through. Kinda like how this site has filters for language and spam. To say they forget is like when folks say, they think we all have names like that... so which is it? LOL
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