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Meskwaki members go to court to block bank deal

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  • Meskwaki members go to court to block bank deal

    Tama, Iowa (AP)

    Some members of the Meskwaki Tribe are going to court to block the tribe from buying a Marshalltown bank.

    Six tribal members filed a request for an injunction in Marshall County District Court to stop the deal with family-run Pinnacle Bank. They want to give more time to a pair of petitions circulating through the tribe calling for a public referendum on whether to buy the bank.

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    Skeptical of Promises of Making Money

    The Meskwaki tribal council held an informational meeting to discuss bringing in a tribal bank which they believed would be a great way to branch out and make money. They didn't want the tribe to be so reliant on the casino. Members expressed concern because banks aren't faring so well in this economy. Members weren't very surprised when surprise! The tribal council had already bought the bank $13 million and paid the bank manager $5 million to start on "projects". Cutting back on unneccessary expenses-percap payments has obviously helped the tribe's finances.

    It's the last resort to go to court to block the bank. The only way to be heard by this tribal council is to take them to court. People have been voicing their opposition to the tribal council's actions and decisions. All efforts were to no avail. It's funny and sad that the people on the tribal council think they automatically have a higher intelligence than the tribal members.

    The bank isn't even on the settlement, it's like 22 minutes away. Not very convenient for the tribal members especially those that can't get around. I'm sort of worried too. Tribal bank and no paper trail . . . I'm not saying I don't trust natives, I just don't trust some of them. The children's trust funds are also losing money with all the bank hopping the tribe has been doing.

    Isn't it illegal to skim the interest on children's trust funds as one previous tribal council was known to do. To fund their cause of________. $$$

    A lot of tribal members have been forced to go on food stamps, energy assistance, and there's also mention of bringing back commods. Cars have been repossessed, bad credit runs rampant and some people have even filed for bankruptcy.

    I miss the good ole days. When percap was at $3,000 an amount that was not too much or too little. The political drama was nonexistant and embezzling was kept at bay. Life was good. Dare I say carefree? Everyone was taken care of and bills were paid. People pursued an education, held down jobs or even both. I guess this situation has forced members to become more appreciative of the percap and even more selective in who they choose to vote for in the elections. Fall 09' terms are up for four tribal council members.

    I'm confused. June 08' Percap was cut down to $900 because the tribe was broke. $20,000 set aside for tribe's powwows.
    October 08" Percap was cut down to $500 because the tribe was still broke. Tribal Director now makes more than $100,000 after a raise.
    Feb. 09' Tribal council admits that the tribe has money. Explains that buying a $13 million bank would be profitable? I don't care for these games or liars.

    This tribal council is treating its people as bad or even worse than the white people did our ancestors. At least they received blankets when they were cold(they were infected with small pox). But hey, that's better than the response the tribal council told its people during the especially cold winter of08'. "Get a job." I think some members went to a church to ask for donations to pay their heating bill. Some just layered clothing and braved the cold of their homes. This tribal council is as popular as Bush was in his second term in office.

    Enough is enough


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      We didnt even buy the bank yet. cant you get that through your thick skull already? and percap was $2000 not 3. Also percap is a Luxury not a Necessity as you imply. were fortunate enough to even get 500 right now, other tribes dont get anything, they need to get loans from other tribes to pay for tribal operations. if you think the council is running our tribe in to the ground, where were you at when the Walker council was doing "such a great job"? cowering in the background like usual? yelling from a distance behind everyone else? or better yet run for council if you think you can do better job, I am tired of hearing people complain everyday, GET A JOB, you dont need hand outs. Course you could always be like RAY YOUNGBEAR and just adopt kids for no reason and collect checks to support his DRUG habit and to pay for all his lil signs he puts up in the middle of the night because hes too paranoid to show his face in the daylight, for fear the skinheads in the red car are still looking for him, haha. oh and as for the name, a rabbit is a timid little animal that runs and hides at the first sign of trouble.


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        posted Feb 18, 2009

        Marshalltown bank sold to Meskwaki Corporation
        By Ken Black

        Central Iowa Press

        Iowa River Bancorp has entered an agreement with William J. Beohm regarding purchase of Pinnacle Bank in Marshalltown, it was announced Monday.

        The corporation known as Iowa River Bancorp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa.

        "After 50 years of banking, it's time for retirement," Beohm said. "I've always enjoyed banking and especially my relationship with customers. I've been fortunate to serve the communities where my wife, Marilyn, and I have lived and raised our family."

        The transfer of ownership will not be complete until after the matter has gone through regulatory approval. Bank officials believe that will take at least until early summer.

        Marshalltown bank sold to Meskwaki Corporation - | News from Traer, Cluter, Buckingham, Dinsdale, Iowa - Traer Star-Clipper
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          Why so angry meskwaki08?You should lay off of that tribal council supporter kool-aid

          In 1995 or 1996 we were indeed receiving a percap payment of $3,000. That's what I was referring to when I said good ole days. That was before some members of the tribal council moved the tribe's money to another bank without the acknowledgement of the chairman and treasurer. These same tribal councilmen then voted amongst themselves (tribal councilmen) for the chairman and treasurer to resign(unconstituitional). Then they proceeded to cut the percap down to $2,000. This tribal council got rid of the chairman and treasurer because they were doing a good job watching the tribe's money. Noone was able to steal from the tribe and after all was done people were free to embezzle as much they wanted. *Flashback*

          There has been a slew of crappy tribal councils since then.

          Why do you imply that I don't have a job? Many people namely the elders and children don't have jobs. They are the ones who are suffering and who are the most affected by the actions of this dumb tribal council.

          My screen name is inspired by the cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. It is of no relation to my demeanor.

          I'll run for council when I'm of age. Isn't 25 the required age to run for tribal council?

          I'm talking about the Meskwaki tribe, not other tribes. Our casino is making money and it was initially built so that our tribal members could benefit from it. They're not.

          What exactly did the Walker council do? Was it worse than the Bear council? The Bear council consisted of a group of people that threw the tribe's money at Abramoff to help them get BIA to recognize them as the tribal council. How did this group get their hands on the tribe's money? The Bear council who once they gained BIA recognition bullied tribal members and took away their percap because they exercised their right of freedom of speech? Or the Bear council who put this on the front page of the Meskwaki newsletter?

          Title 10. Enrollment.
          Article VI

          Chapter 1. In General
          Sec. 10-6101. Grounds for Disenrollment

          Any of the following may constitute grounds for disenrollment:

          (a) A person found guilty by a court of law:
          (1) Murder
          (2) Rape
          (3) Incest
          (4) More than one conviction for drug trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution.
          (5) Treason against the Tribe or the United States

          (b) A person was enrolled through error or fraud.

          (c) A tribal member has resided away from the Meskwaki Settlement for a period of ten (10) years, and has not within that time signified to the tribal council his desire to continue Tribal Membership.

          (d) A tribal member who is disenrolled for grounds stated in subsection (a) cannot be reenrolled unless exonerated by a court of the crime for which he or she was previously convicted.

          Sec. 10-6102 Exclusive Procedure

          (a) This Article shall be the exclusive means for Enrollment Committee and Tribal Council consideration of disenrollment matters.

          (b) No action to disenroll a member shall be taken unless authorized by the Tribal Council.
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