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Meskwaki members reject payment reductions

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  • Meskwaki members reject payment reductions

    Tama, Iowa (AP)

    Meskwaki members have rejected a tribal action that reduced their monthly payment from tribal casino profits.

    The Tribal Council action, which was already in place, was rejected Feb. 27 in a vote by the full settlement.

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    It wasnt the whole tribe, it was barely 300 ppl that voted. 300 greedy ppl. Theres more to this story than whats being told in this article.


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      Awful, No Good Meskwaki Tribal Council

      Enrolled Meskwaki tribal members living outside the state of Iowa are not eligible to vote in matters regarding the Meskwaki tribe. This includes elections, referendums, etc. The majority of the tribe's members live out of state. So, it's more like 300 concerned members who live on and around the settlement that are weary of the bs that the tribal council is putting them through. We have a lawyer representing the tribe that has a bad reputation in Indian Country, Steve Olson. Our tribe has a contract with his law firm and our tribe is giving him $750,000 a year for three years.

      The tribal council completely disregards the tribal members' concerns, questions, and they don't inform the people of what they're doing until it has already been done. For example they bought a known flailing bank for $13 million! Just nine months after they told the tribal members that the tribe was broke and they were cutting the percap. They recently rejected a valid petition to recall two tribal members. One whose name can be found of the Iowa's sex offender list and the other tribal council member who is currently facing charges of domestic abuse. After the percap was cut in June 2008, the tribal council also upped the prize money in our pow wows. It makes sense since the chairman and other tribal council member are known to hit the pow wow trail hard. Amid times of financial crisis this is a bit odd and makes the actions of the tribal council sketchy and low.

      The tribal elders even went to the tribal council and pleaded for the tribal council to give the elders an increase in percap due to the fact that they in poor health, can't get jobs, can't pay their bills. They were denied any help. So, tribal members have to look outside of the tribe for help. The tribal council is acting like the tribe's casino profits belongs to them. When the money is supposed to go back to tribe and tribal members. A tribal council is supposed to take care of the people and act in the best interest of the tribe. They aren't doing anything for the people. Building a lot of fancy, expensive buildings isn't going to help the people at all. The tribal council is intent on building a legacy(buildings) at the expense of the people.

      I honestly don't know what's wrong with the tribal council. If, they are ill advised or just no good. Apparently, there's going to be petitions to recall the whole tribal council. Good riddance!

      I heard that the Lower Sioux Tribe of Morton,MN went through a similiar situation. Is there anyone from the Lower Sioux Indian Tribe who can give us some info on what more our tribe can do to resolve this problem?
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        Another thing

        Eventhough the results of the referendum clearly shows that people want their full percap back. A tribal council member was telling people that the tribal council isn't going to acknowledge the referendum and the reduced percap payments are going to remain the same. The Meskwaki tribal members are very upset and disgusted with the tribal council.



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