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List of potential witnesses, named individuals in Aquash murder investigation.

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  • List of potential witnesses, named individuals in Aquash murder investigation.

    By Paul DeMain, Editor
    News From Indian County

    Who will be called to testify if there is a trial in 2009 for John Graham and Richard Marshall in the Aquash murder case? Who may be called is going to be speculative. This list is no doubt incomplete. My apologies to anyone who we forgot to include as it was not on purpose, unless it was.

    A note of reminder. This list does not necessarily constitute conspirators, nor involvement in the events leading up to the murder of Annie Mae. Some of the people named here, have not been before a grand jury, nor will they ever be. Their involvement may have been marginal, to the point of only witnessing a single event along the Aquash timeline, that might be relevant to the final events, and post activity. For example, there are a number of people who observed a "warriors" honoring ceremony of John Boy Patton-Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud and Theda Nelson Clark in the fall of 1975 at Crow Dog's paradise. Those names have not been included here, along with many other names too numerous to list.

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    U.S. indicts Richard Marshall in Aquash murder case
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