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Native American student can keep long hair

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  • Native American student can keep long hair

    Somerset, Texas (AP)

    A Native American Somerset High School senior – whose parents filed a federal lawsuit saying his right of religious expression was violated when he received an on-campus suspension – can return to class without having to cut his shoulder-length hair.

    Jesus Figueroa’s long hair had been an issue since last school year, landing him in on-campus suspension a few times. After a battle that included the federal lawsuit, the Somerset Independent School District’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday night to grant the 17-year-old special dispensation from the district’s grooming policy. The policy bans males’ hair from touching the collar.

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    Federal court upholds young boy’s religious rights to long hair
    by Skabewis
    Houston, Texas (AP)

    A federal appeals court ruled July 9 that a Texas school district cannot punish an American Indian kindergartner for wearing his hair in traditional braids to express his family’s religious beliefs.

    The ruling from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...
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    Five-year-old Curtis Harjo can wear braid in school
    by Skabewis
    New Orleans, Louisianna (AP) 11-08

    Five-year-old American Indian Curtis Harjo can wear his hair in a braid to school after all.

    The ACLU of Louisiana and the Native American Rights’ Fund in Boulder, Colo., which represented the family in the matter, said Nov. 19 that...
    11-23-2008, 01:01 PM
  • MayChe
    Boy's hair length at issue for school in Texas
    by MayChe
    July 14, 2008, 11:25PM
    Native American beliefs clash with rural district's dress code
    Long hair doesn't cut it, school says

    Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

    A small rural school district in Fort Bend County and a determined mother are...
    07-16-2008, 11:44 PM
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    NAACP Aids mixedblood boy in Texas with cultural discrimination
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    Long hair or short hair
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    I have grown my hair pretty long and I was wondering does the long haired brigade still exist, I do stand out due to my Long hair and get lots of questions, like " are you an indian"?
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