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Native Ceremonial Elders from the USA join Native Environmentalists from Canada

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  • Native Ceremonial Elders from the USA join Native Environmentalists from Canada

    Toronto, Ontario (ICC)

    Ceremonial Elders from Utah and California are joining Mohawks and Chippewa of Ontario to unite in defence of the Sacred Alliston Aquifer and Sacred Surface Springs of Tiny Township , here in Ontario .

    Arnold Thomas from Utah, as well as elders Robertjohn Knapp from California, and Jimelda Johnston and Wilmer Nadjiwon of Cape Croker, Ontario are demanding that Premier Dalton McGuinty immediately rescind his government’s approval to create a garbage dump at the Sacred Surface Springs of the Alliston Aquifer, near Georgian Bay. Ironically, Premier McGuinty’s Ministry of the Environment itself has given approval to commercial activity that could see the pristine waters of the Aquifer drained this very spring.

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