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  • Saginaw Grant Book Signing, Redbird News

    Promoting the Awareness and Celebration of Indigenous Cultures and People and Creating a Sustainable Future

    Spring 2009 Newsletter
    (inside: Saginaw Grant, Haramokngna, Standing Bear Powwow, Jesusita Fire, Redbird News, YouTube Video)

    Community Events – Saginaw Grant Book Signing May 27

    Dear Friends
    I will be speaking and also signing my book, "As Long As The Drum Beats" at a CD/Book Signing event on Wed. May 27, 2009 at 7:00 PM.

    I hope you can make it. The event will take place at the Little Old Bookshop in Old Town Whittier. (See address below).

    Along with myself, flute players (Apache & Heidi) will also be performing.

    Please pass along this information to all of your friends. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    WHITTIER, CA 90601

    (562) 698-1934 (Book store phone number)

    Many Blessings to you,

    [email protected]
    Traditional Dancer- Actor- Mentor
    Lecturer- Writer- Activist - SAGINAW GRANT - 71 - Male - Los Angeles, California -
    "One who remains humble will never be humiliated"

    June 20, 2009 Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center Summer Solstice Celebration and Concert for the Waters

    Haramokngna is located in the Angeles National Forest, 14 miles east of the 210 freeway in La Canada Flintridge. Take the Angeles Crest Highway exit from the 210 and head up into the forest. Performers, vendors and non profits welcome. For more information on this event as well as ongoing cultural workshops, visit

    Apologies to Lizet Whitehorse, our head young woman for the 2009 Children of Many Colors Powwow; her correct tribal affiliation is Apache, Cherokee and Ohlone, which is not what it says on several hundred powwow fliers.

    Standing Bear Powwow – Date Correction
    This year’s Standing Bear Powwow at Bakersfield Community College will be held June 5-7, which is not what it says on the Redbird website.

    Jesusita Fire takes the Home of Chumash Family

    The following message regards Ray and Sue Ward, part of what can best be described as the Tomol Family - the culture bearers who have revived and continue the Chumash tradition of using the tomol to cross the open ocean and return to Limuw, their homeland. I am sending this along in the event that you know the family, or even if you don't, might be able to help them or know others who can.

    The original sender tried to avoid sending this to direct family members in an effort to keep charitable efforts anonymous; I apologize if in re-sending this I have crossed some of those familial lines. (Corina Roberts)
    (portion below forwarded to Redbird by Corine Fairbanks)
    What follows is what I've received from Deborah Sanchez today. Kiwa'nan for your help.


    I spoke with Ray Ward last night and he told me that he and Sue were able to return to the property to assess the damage. All three houses burned down, including the garage. The location is "red-tagged." The mobile trailer was spared. They were able to prioritize some of their clothing and other items during the evacuation but everything else was lost. Many of Ray tools were melted. He was able to save some when they were evacuated.

    The jig to the tomol was spared as was some of the base redwood. The remaining redwood was burned in the fire.

    For all of you who attended the Tomol blessing and who visited the land where Ray and Sue lived; for everybody that went to Limuw in March and tasted the sweet grapefruit and tangerines that came from that land; and for everybody that can imagine the beauty and the view of those hills, trees and life that surrounded their home, you can imagine the devastation left behind. You cannot help but feel personally affected even though it is indirect. I can't even imagine how surreal this may seem for Ray & Sue.

    What Ray and Sue need right now is cash to help them with first and last month's rent. They are staying with family right now but eventually will need to find a place to live.

    If you can make a cash donation, in ANY amount, here is what I will do:

    I will write you a receipt and give everyone an individual and full accounting of what was given. I would like to keep the amount of the individual donations anonymous, so if you could write the check or money order, payable to Deborah Sanchez, I will forward Ray a Cashiers Check for the total amount with the names of all the contributors unless you want to be anonymous. My address is:

    Deborah Sanchez
    4237 San Anseline Avenue
    Lakewood, CA 90713

    If anyone would like to donate but feels more comfortable writing a check or money order to Ray Ward, please do so just forward the check to me. I will not be offended.

    In some ways, it will be hard for Ray & Sue to accept our help, but they really need us. We all love and care for each other, so I told him that when any one of us is down, the rest are there to lift them up. He would do the same for any one of us. I purposefully did not include any of Ray's immediate family on this email to avoid any hurt or embarrassment.

    I would like to take or forward the donation to Ray within the next 10-14 days. Also, if you would like to send good wishes along with your donation through a card or a letter, I know that Ray and Sue would really appreciate the love.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

    It was recommended that a PayPal option be created. You can pay online and with a credit card or through your bank account if you have a paypal account. You will also get a transaction confirmation. If anybody would like to contribute through paypal, just send the amount to my email address on the paypal website. The email address is [email protected].

    By the way, thank you all for sending the original email out to all your friends and for your ideas to include this issue on Facebook. I got lots of love for you all. I love my community.


    Deborah Sanchez

    Author Harvest McCampbell Donates Books to Benefit Redbird

    Native American author Harvest McCampbell has donated thirteen signed copies of her latest book, Food Security and Sustainability for the Times Ahead, to Redbird.

    Easy to read and remarkably well referenced, Food Security and Sustainability For The Times Ahead helps us think about where we live and how we can improve our quality of living and security where we are. Harvest helps the reader understand what foods are good to store and which are not, how to prepare food for storage and store it safely, how to decide what an individual or family should have on hand, where and how one can grow a garden even if they live in an urban setting, the importance of a balanced diet, herbal and natural supplements and resources for obtaining them; there is even a chapter devoted to learning useful skills, and to the etiquette of becoming an apprentice to someone who has a skill you ‘d like to learn.

    Harvest also ties our past to our present, weaving the teachings and visions of her grandmother into the reality of today in a way that connects us all to the wisdom of the elders and ancestors who could clearly see what the future would hold for us.

    Copies are for sale for $12.00 (no tax) plus $2.00 shipping. Checks made out to Redbird or Paypal payments are welcome; please include your mailing address. Mail checks to P.O. Box 702, Simi Valley, CA 93062; send Paypal payments to [email protected]

    Redbird – Celebrating 15 Years in 2009

    Redbird received federal recognition as a non profit association in 1994. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but somehow, the enduring strength that has made the survival of native people possible has sustained Redbird as well. The 2009 Children of Many Colors Powwow will take place July 17-19 at Moorpark College with much the same program as the 2008 powwow. We will dearly miss the presence of our brothers who have made their journeys to the Spirit World, but I believe they will always dance and sing in our hearts and souls.

    We were blessed in 2007 and 2008 with outside financial assistance through grants and awards from entities such as Bank of America, the National Geographic Society, Ventura County Community Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and the California Rural Indian Health Board. As the powwow approaches this year, we do not have such outside support yet; a sign of difficult economic times for everyone.

    We will have the potluck and open flute circle on Friday evening, and we will have a feed on Saturday evening, thanks in large part to the generosity of Gene Albitre of the Standing Bear Powwow. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Gary Pickett and his circle of friends who will be making a generous contribution to the powwow this year.

    We will not be hosting breakfast Sunday morning, and we may not have a powwow program this year, or if we do it will be much smaller than those of the last several years.

    Tough times call for creativity. The Redbird powwow is not sponsored by Moorpark College or the City of Moorpark, so despite the fact that there are now two electronic marquees as you approach the college and the powwow grounds, you probably won’t see the powwow advertised on them. You will, however, find us on YouTube with a video announcing the 2009 gathering. To view the video press control and click on the following link:

    YouTube - Redbirds Vision Powwow (Coming to Southern California: July 2009)

    With the help of the Wildhorse Drum and photographer Charlene White, we hope to produce a video clip suitable for airing on local public access television channels, and we are pursuing every other advertising option available to us.

    A note to those of you who play the flute; the flute circle is open to everyone, regardless of skill level. It’s a chance not only to share your music, but to meet, learn from and share with others. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. We very much encourage all of you who make, play or simply enjoy the flute to come and join us.

    If you would like to contribute to the Friday evening potluck and or the Saturday evening feed, you are welcome to do so. We can use food as well as volunteers to serve. It’s a safe bet that water and juice will be welcome additions as well; these can always be used by singers and dancers throughout the weekend if we have more than we can drink during dinner. There are several grocery stores within a few miles of the college.

    We always need volunteers to guide people into the parking lots and take donations, keep an eye on the trash cans, sell raffle tickets and help tear down after the powwow. While none of these are glamorous tasks, they are things that need to be done. Moorpark College has been impressed with us in past years for respecting their campus, and we hope to keep that respect and good relationship for many years to come.

    There are also ways to support the work of Redbird that don’t require emptying trash cans or spending money; these include joining the eScrip program, and for eBay sellers, Redbird is now among the charitable organizations you can support when you sell goods on eBay.

    To join the eScrip program, go to Welcome to eScrip! and register your store loyalty and/or debit/credit cards. The choose Redbird in Simi Valley, California as your charity of choice. When you make purchases with a participating merchant, they donate a percentage of their income to Redbird. It never costs you a thing. Registration is free and takes about five minutes on their secure website.

    Redbird also has a Paypal account; our Paypal email is [email protected]

    If you would like a powwow flier or vendor application, please email us at [email protected]

    We look forward to seeing you on the powwow trail!

    Corina Roberts, Founder
    P.O. Box 702, Simi Valley, CA 93062
    - RedBirds Vision -

    In Loving Memory

    Henry Hale Tom Lujan Lupe Dancin Bear

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