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    Initiate change

    it takes a splash to make a ripple; my challenge to you is to be that rock. We have all heard of the ripple effect, and change starts with one, one mind, one person can affect a group as a whole. One ripple can carry across an entire pond. Go out amongst your people and initiate change. Change in spirit, body and mind.
    No longer will we be stigmatized and looked at like outcasts on our own soil. We didn’t swim here, and we sure didn’t come across the great sea on any boat. We are a strong people and have survived genecide, ethnic cleansing, and no longer we will be held down and looked at like the lower class.
    One nation of native people not separated by our cultures and traditions but united for our strengths and ability to survive the horrors brought onto our soil. We are still here and we are going no where.
    Im not saying lose your tribal affiliations, im saying to look upon your fellow native as your brother, your sister, and your family. I know some of us already have that mindset, but we have to let the ripple travel across the entire pond. Then and only then can we show that we are united and one people. One people can make a change. One people can stand and say no more. We are no longer going to accept the labels put on our people and our children. One people, all native, proud, and stronger than ever.
    You are the rock, and it starts with you. Pass it along.

    Written by: Raymond lessert martin

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    Nice post! Thanks for sharing this


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      i hope you will pass this message along


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