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Obama wants to pump $475M into Great Lakes cleanup

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  • DeafToniB
    I know that many people always have to trash the toxic wastes into the Great Lakes because they need the economy to run the business. There are CEOs(smart aleck presidents) want to control big companies like in Duluth, Chicago, Minneapolis or any other cities to run the businesses right by the shore of the Great Lakes. It is a shame that we get the polluted waters when we want to fish. The Great Lakes are tooo cold to swim.

    As for Obama, it is a lot of money to spend for 475 million dollars to clean up the mess. I can understand President Obama wanting to clean up Lake Michigan so that people in the city of Chicago can have a nice lake to fish and go boating. Again we do have a problem with motor boats which spill and polluted into the waters. There are accidents that cause to spill oils into the lakes from the barge. They did not bother to clean up and the citizens had tried to help wild life like the seals and birds get the oils out of their feathers. Also some people tried to clean up the oils from the lake, too. I do hope we can manage to clean all the lakes next year. We will just have to wait and see.

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  • Obama wants to pump $475M into Great Lakes cleanup

    By John Flesher
    Traverse City, Michigan (AP)

    A budget proposal from the Obama administration would spend $475 million on beach cleanups, wetlands restoration and removal of toxic sediments from river bottoms around the Great Lakes.

    The spending represents a first step toward a multiyear campaign to repair decades of damage to the battered ecosystem. It also seeks to ward off new threats by preventing exotic species invasions and cutting down on erosion and runoff.

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