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A Drumstick’s Story: Part 21

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  • A Drumstick’s Story: Part 21

    By Joe Liles
    News From Indian Country

    With special thanks to Adam Teller, Diné College, Harry Walters, Albert Smith, John Woodmansee, Emerson E-rock Begay, and the people of Tuba City and Moenkopi.

    Last time, I told you how R.D., Grandpa, and I came to two towns side by side, one Navajo and one Hopi, Tuba City and Moenkopi. We were in a place called Arizona. It seemed like a long time ago when we picked up Grandpa as a hitchhiker back at Diné College in Tsaile.

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    Hey Joe,

    I enjoyed your story about your experiences in Tuba City, Arizona and Navajo land. I'm happy that you regained some of what you missed all these years. I have been to Tuba City many times and know what you are talking about. I live here in the East now (South Carolina) but I go back West to my home every August and stay awhile, visitng with family and going to several powwows. Probably the biggest powwow in Dinah Bikeyah (Navajo land) is in Window Rock, Arizona. It happens in September, during the Navajo tribal fair, which is like a state fair. The powwow is only part of the tribal fair. Last year, the contest powwow put up some good prize money. Nearly 30 drums showed up, and over 400 dancers came. The powwow this year is scheduled for September 11-13, but the tribal fair runs from September 6-13. I'm looking forward to my trip home this year, spending about two months and eating kneel-down bread, steam corn, frybread, mutton stew, and some great Southwestern Mexican food. I want to be powwowing not only in Window Rock, but also in Gallup, NM, Farmington, NM, Shiprock, NM, and Albuquerque, NM. Western Navajo fair in Tuba City comes after my return, so I can't get there on this trip.


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