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Honor The Earth Pow wow Videos Part 1

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  • Honor The Earth Pow wow Videos Part 1

    Produced by ICTV
    Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC) 7-09

    The following four Video clips were taken as part of the 2009 Honor The Earth Pow wow on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation near Hayward, Wisconsin. The clips, along with many more are also found Welcome to in both the LCO/Great Lakes Digital Player and Pow wow Digital Player and as of July 2009 are playing in the automatic loop for those who like to hitch your computer to the internet by fire wire and let the videos just run on continuous loop.

    The clips may also be found at Youtube under the user name Skabewis, and are automatically also linked to Facebook (NFIC Paul DeMain) and other social media sites like Twitter and Myspace.

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