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  • Featured Channel Index July 23 - Aug 10th

    On the end of the day on August 10th, the featured program listed below will be moved from the automatic loop for new programming. The offered programs can still be found in the On Demand Index in its own file under the same date listed below as individual showings. This digital player has a higher resolution stream than Youtube and is difficult viewing unless you have good internet download streams.

    Welcome to

    July 23 - August 10, 2009
    Automatic Loop & ON DEMAND FILE:
    Order with running time
    1. Apache Talks with Grand daughter of Nachez, Elbys Hugar (Chiricahua), 5:02
    2. Amber Greymorning speaks at S.I.L.C., 4:59
    3. OGee Productions: Peltier Case Review Clips, 9:17
    4. Salmon Festival, 2:17
    5. Mohawk In Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, 6:31
    6. J.R. Redwater at St. Croix Casino, 19:00
    7. Perez/Allee: Native Ladybugs Disappear, 7:31
    8. Justin Schlender: Remembering father Jim Schlender, 5:07
    9. Donnie Gokey: 2009 Healing Circle Run enters Mole Lake, 3:44
    10. Romona Morrow: RezStyle Show with Kimberlie Acosta, 23:23
    11. Kakkak: Opening the Healing Circle, 5:25
    12. Kemo: Dancing for Fallen Comrades, 5:59
    13. Featured Drum: Little Otter Singers with Jingle Exhibition, 6:42
    14. Brian Hammel: Arizona Native News with Linda White Wolf, 8:05
    15. Litefoot - I'MMA PROBLEM, 4:14

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