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Seattle officer testifies at shooting inquest

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  • 50cal
    Fort Dix suspect contacted Police over concerns...
    by 50cal
    Fort Dix suspect contacted police over concerns

    By Geoff Mulvihill - The Associated Press
    Posted : Wednesday Nov 26, 2008 20:06:14 EST

    CAMDEN, N.J. — One of the men on trial for allegedly planning to attack soldiers on Fort Dix spoke with police,...
    11-27-2008, 03:45 AM
  • nt_inuk
    by nt_inuk
    An OPP Officer pulled a car over on the 400 near Barrie.

    When the Trooper asked the driver why he was speeding, the driver answered that he was a juggler and he was on his way to Orillia to do a show that night at the Shrine Circus and didn't want to be late.

    The Trooper...
    12-03-2004, 02:23 PM
  • Ndnsoldierboy
    Army IDs remains of last missing soldier in Iraq
    by Ndnsoldierboy
    Rest in Peace...

    BAGHDAD (AP) — The U.S military announced Sunday that it has recovered the remains of the last American service member who was unaccounted for in Iraq, an Army interpreter seized by gunmen after sneaking off base to visit his Iraqi wife...
    02-26-2012, 04:18 PM
  • Skabewis
    Mashkikiwinini: In Ojibwe, there is no word for goodbye
    by Skabewis
    By Dr. Arne Vainio
    News From Indian Country

    Dr. Haller’s cancer took him quickly. My wife, 9 year-old-son and I went to see him the day after I heard of his cancer. This was about a week after he had first fallen. He had a CT scan that showed a brain tumor, but it wasn’t known...
    02-19-2008, 11:05 PM
  • Wolf Lady
    David Croud Case ~ Brutality & Racism
    by Wolf Lady
    News from around Minnesota

    Associated Press

    DULUTH, Minn. - American Indian community members have expressed outrage over what happened to a man taken into police custody last week.

    David Croud was placed on life support after police tried to take...
    12-06-2005, 07:11 PM



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