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Family of victim asking support for petition

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  • Family of victim asking support for petition

    Family of rape victim is asking for support for the petition for sentencing of perpetrator

    im contacting you in regards requesting support and help. Our Mom is an enrolled Yakama Nation elder. she has a cold case file that used DNA to capture her rapist. Our mom was brutally raped in 2009, but she passed on Easter sunday April 24th,2011. Her rapist will be sentenced on December 16th ,2016 in Pierce County Court.
    I am asking if you can post her petition to bring awareness and request the courts give Ronald Burke (rapist) a Life Sentence in Prison. The state of Washington has requested Life sentence, we children are trying to enforce this with support from our Native communities.

    here is her video on King 5 news (( we request help to change media reputation of our Mom, we do not want her remembered as a Homeless Alcoholic that was raped, we want her honored for the Sacred Walk she did to the hospital for a 15 hour rape examination that caught this rapist))

    Below is our link for the petition we are requesting support and signatures to enforce life sentence on Ronald Burke.

    we also have support letters for people to sign and mail to the prosecutor at
    Atten:: Aliscia Cline
    930 Tacoma Avenue South
    Tacoma , Washington

    Ronald Burkes court date is December 16th , at 1:30pm in Pierce County.

    Thank you for your time
    Maria ( Elaines Eldest daughter) is what it is...

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