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Captain Pratt in China?

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  • Captain Pratt in China?

    Sound familiar?

    "The [Chinese] government has been building thousands of so-called "bilingual" schools, where minority children are taught in Mandarin and penalized for speaking in their native tongues. Some of these are boarding schools, which Uighurs say can be mandatory for children and, in a Kazakh family's case, start from the age of 5.

    China says the orphanages help disadvantaged children, and it denies the existence of internment camps for their parents. It prides itself on investing millions of yuan in education in Xinjiang to steer people out of poverty and away from terrorism. At a regular news briefing Thursday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the measures taken in Xinjiang were necessary for "stability, development, harmony" and to fight ethnic separatists.

    But Uighurs fear that these measures are essentially wiping out their ethnic identity, one child at a time. Experts say what China is doing echoes how white colonialists in the U.S., Canada and Australia treated indigenous children — policies that have left generations traumatized.

    "This is an ethnic group whose knowledge base is being erased," said Darren Byler, a researcher of Uighur culture at University of Washington. "What we're looking at is something like a settler colonial situation where an entire generation is lost."

    China treats Uighur kids as ‘orphans’ after parents seized

    "Speaking in a recent phone interview with RFA’s Uyghur Service, the ruling Chinese Communist Party Secretary for Hotan prefecture’s Keriye county said that about 2,000 children ages 4 to 14 are now being held in one five-story county school, with another 300 to 500 held in a four-story school in Keriye’s Yengibagh town.

    "They are called Little Angels Schools," he said.

    “One school was built over a year ago, and the second one was completed four months ago, as the first school became too overcrowded,” the official said.

    Children held in the Little Angels Schools range in age from 8 to 13 or 14, and are served at the school in Yengibagh by a kindergarten, primary school, and middle school, he said.

    Both schools are surrounded by walls topped with barbed wire and are located near police stations whose officers patrol the walls to “provide security,” the official said.

    “From what I have seen, the children look relaxed and happy,” the official said, adding, “They look just like children who still have their parents with them.”"

    RFA -- Little Angels Schools

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    How sad. I wonder who the Chinese consider to be minorities?
    Take nothing for granted. Life can change irrevocably in a heartbeat.

    I will not feed the troll-well, I will try.


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      Everybody who isn't a Han Chinese.
      Those who know do not write and those who write may not know. Frank W. Louis, No such Agency

      True peace between nations will only happen when there is true peace within people’s souls.
      Black Elk

      “Tell me, and I will listen.
      Show me, and I will understand.
      Involve me, and I will learn.”
      Lakota Proverb

      God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      And wisdom to know the difference.
      Living one day at a time,
      Enjoying one moment at a time,
      Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.
      (Reinhold Niebuhr, but the origin is debated)


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