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    That sounds like a good idea. Having ones pics with the receipe and also being able to download it. If the cook book was put together where would the donations go to and who would get the money. I wouldn't mind donating sometime to help, it they need it. I'm not that great with computers, but, I can type and help with something. I would donate my time for free.


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      Originally posted by kgirl7 View Post
      In that case you can just collate them and make it into an ebook that can be downloaded for free! Less work, easily distributable and you don't have to worry about meeting minimum page requirements.
      Hmmm....good idea. Hopefully I can get started this summer. is what it is...


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        Pow Wow Cookbook

        Please try to put all the receipes into a book form. I will be the first to purchase.


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          What would everyone rather have? An e-book version of the cookbook, or a hard copy?

          And how much would you be willing to pay?
 is what it is...


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            Cook book

            I inherited my Grand Ma's wooden box and my Moms also with many Native recipes and I myself have a whole lot of Native recipes many with pictures. I would be interested in buying one and posting (We must remember many things are lost including recipes as we we lose our Elders and we need to keep things going as once gone cannot get them back)

            Good idea!!!!!


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