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  • Need Recipes for Powwow Feed

    Just wondering if anyone has info on recipes for beef soup and frybread to feed 200-300 people at an outdoor powwow? My step-father passed and we would like to honor him with a feed but have never done this before. I would appreciate suggestions on recipes, ingredients, cooking times, equipment needed, setup of cooking/serving area, drinks, paper products, how much to feed how many, where to get ingredients (beef for soup), how many people will be needed, etc. Do you think this would be a simple enough menu for us newbies and would it be sufficient? Should we provide a dessert as well? If so, suggestions? Thank you for your help.

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    Hi I am an executive chef, I need more specifics about your meal and I can help, whish I was closer, I'd come help!!! What kind of beef soup, a chili, a stew, beef vegetable? Soup is a good way to feed alot of people, but you still need pots, a large kitchen or a few home kitchens and helpers. A good way is to just find a local church or hall ,they usually rent kitchens for the day and have equipment and may let you store the made soup there and reheat it there. With large groups and outdoor events finding a place to reheat it all etc can be a problem. Let me know what is available to you and I can set you up with recipes and quantities. Your best bet is to go to Sams club or store like that to buy bulk if you don't have wholesale suppliers available to you. You should do a dessert, you can do assorted desserts that aren't expensive, fruit salad, cookies, brownies with dinner, Beef Chili, rice, boiled or roasted corn on the cob. For serving and keeping the food hot you will need chaffing dishes for rice and/or soup warmers, you would probably have to rent them or you can buy disposable ones at a local party store, foil hotel pans, sterno warmes etc. I can get you what quantities to buy and recipes when youj know what specific dish you want to make.Let me know what else I can help you with, I have a wealth of information.


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      Yep, first step - SAM'S CLUB! Or a similar store.

      I agree that it's a good idea to serve some kind of dessert or some kind of sweets. I would suggest potato salad as well, or macaroni salad (a little easier).

      For reheating, gather a couple of barbecue grills. I used some at our powwow to cook my stew and green chili. You can usually get two big pots on the grilling surface and if it has a side burner that's just a bonus. You might have to remove the little warmer rack above the grill to get the pots to fit.

      If you will have access to electricity, you can gather crock pots and roasters from everyone you know.

      For cooking, you can have a lot of people help you out, or you can even get it done at home. What I did recently is to cook all my meat in one big pot, some veggies in another, then potatoes in another. Then I mixed them together in the pots to serve it and packaged it up to go.

      Do whatever you can ahead of time. I like to buy my meat (usually chuck roast) on sale ahead of time and cut it up and freeze it. All your stew veggies except potatoes can be cut up the day before you cook it.

      You can make your frybread that morning and pack it in coolers lined with brown paper bags, or even just in cardboard boxes lined well.

      Make your potato or macaroni salad the day before in tubbies that will fit in the fridge. is what it is...


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        Powwow Recipe Help

        Thanks so much for all the great advice. I hadn't even thought about pre-cooking things and re-heating or the BBQ grills as a source of heat. I was just thinking about buying some of those double propane burners like what are used for turkey fryers. Just using BBQ grills would save me alot of money in itself. I hadn't thought about doing the frybread in the home either so was trying to think of how to mix enough dough and fry it in a timely manner to feed everyone at the same time. I think that one of the family is going to butcher a cow for the meat so that will save alot over buying from a market. I'm hoping I get alot more tips and hints. We'll probably do a "dry run" on a smaller scale just to make sure that things go okay and so we can work out the kinks and mistakes ahead of time or maybe I'll luck out and find someone who has experience to help. Unfortunately, there just aren't any of the family left to really facilitate this so I'm hoping we can pull it off. Thanks again so much for your reply!


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          Well, double propane turkey fryer burners are the bomb! But unless you're going to use them professionally or camp out A LOT, not necessary. If you were going to cook your frybread on site, that would be the only way to go!

          Depending on the size of frybread, you'll probably need 100 - 125 pounds of flour for 300 frybreads.

          And probably 50 - 75 pounds of potatoes depending on portion size. Add to that 5 dozen hard boiled eggs. The easiest way there to to boil your potatoes with the skin on for 45 min - hour. Cool (under running cold water is faster), then peel and smash in the bowl with your hands. Use an egg slicer to cut the eggs easily. Probably a gallon or so of pickles, and a gallon or so of mayo or Miracle Whip, and a whole big jar of mustard. It's hard to say on the amount of mayo or Miracle Whip - depends on the potato. Probably have extra just in case. And Miracle Whip doesn't spoil as fast as mayo.

          If you're going with Macaroni salad instead, figure 25 pounds of elbow macaroni, boil in batches until al dente, then rinse under cold water. Pour in a little oil and coat well, if you're not going to mix it right away. You can use dill or sweet relish, and chopped onion.

          Doing the stew ahead of time is good, but you either have to do it the day before and keep it going all night (over 140 degrees), or have some way to refrigerate it. If you do the all night thing, just add the potatoes in the morning so they don't fall apart.

          A dry run is a great idea! Especially to make sure that your pots fit on the BBQ grills. I think Ace Hardware has all sizes of their big pots (for canning or what not) for $5.99!!

          Where are you at? Maybe I can help.
 is what it is...


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            Powwow Recipe Help

            Thanks so much for an idea of the quantities. We are going to try and do the first feed at Poplar, MT on the Fort Peck Reservation and the second in Wounded Knee, SD then he will be interred in the Black Hills but I'm in CA so just trying to get a head start on planning and buying what will be needed so that it's not just a huge expense at once. I have one of those square canopies but was thinking of getting one of those huge car canopies for shade and a few tables to set things up on (for serving). The feed isn't until next summer because that's what he wanted to do before he passed so we are going to go ahead with the plans. Unfortunately, his much younger sister who knew how to do all this passed a short while ago also (she had 2 kidney transplants that failed). He had been honored at the Powwow the last two years as a veteran so he wanted to do something back to honor all the dancers who gather there. I also need to make a trip somewhere to pick up blankets, quilts, etc. for a giveaway. I'm going to try and make some shawls but haven't learned how to do star quilts. I would love to learn but just don't think there is time and would want the quilts to be made by someone more experienced so that they would be really nice. Somebody told me to go to Mexico for the blankets since we are so close to there. My brother does beautiful beadwork and horsehair braiding (hatbands, keychains, belts, etc.) so I'm hoping he can do some things also. I just happen to have a couple of large soup pots and steam table pans but thanks for the tip because I'm figuring we'll need more. Someone told me to use the large paint buckets with lids for transporting the soup stuff and the large paint stir sticks for stirring the soup?? I have a few coolers but maybe I'll get a couple of the big ones. I also have 3 of those 5 gallon drink jugs to make some kind of drinks in unless you think just waters and sodas would be better. Either way, we'll need to buy alot of ice. Maybe I'll see if we can use the tribal building kitchen to do the initial cooking or prep work because they have some of the industrial stuff. Anyway, as you can see...alot of thinking and planning and your help is so much appreciated. Any other tips...I'd love to hear! Thanks again because I truly do want to carry out his wishes and do this in memory of him.


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              Sounds like you're pretty well set! Poplar or SD is a little far for me to travel, but I'm sure you'll be alright.

              The carport thing is a great investment. I bought one this summer at Sam's Club for $180 that is 10' x 20' with 4 large windows, and a side canopy that flips up, AND it has roof vents. WAY worth it.

              But take your other canopy too, cuz you'll always find a use for it. I love the folding plastic banquet tables cuz you can fit them in a car trunk.

              Look in SD for star quilts. You can usually find some nice one's for $100. At Denver March there were some cool satin ones that were very reasonable. There's some Pendleton-type wool blankies that you can find (north of the border) for about $50. But if you go to Mexico I'm sure you can find loads of cool stuff.

              I love that tip about transporting in the 5 gallon buckets with lids. I'm going to get some of those.

              For dessert, anything you can make in a sheet pan would be easiest!! Cake, jello-cake, jello with topping, lemon bars, brownies, bar cookies. Or if you're pressed for time and help, just buy a load of Little Debbie snacks and dump them in a big box.

              Since you have 3 5-gal drink containers, it would be nice to do three different things: maybe ice tea, koolaid or punch, and lemonade. And you need to find a mega coffee pot. It seems no matter what time of day or how hot it is, there's folks that need coffee.

              While camping this summer, we made coffee early in a pot on the stove, then transferred it to our coffee servers. Then a couple times during the day we poured some pack in the pot to heat it again, and poured in back in the servers. Real coffee drinkers won't mind the grounds.
     is what it is...


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                Oh, and for refilling your 5-gal drinks make a concentrate.

                For the ice tea, brew enough tea bags for the 5 gallons in about a quart of water or so. Then when it's empty, add it to your container then fill it with water.

                Same with the lemonade. I usually mix 5 frozen concentrates, 5 packs Koolaid lemonade, and 5 cups sugar in a gallon of water and have it ready to go.

                Do the same with the Koolaid or punch.

                And if you can swing it, you can probably find some water bottles on sale. This summer I was always finding 24 bottles for $3.00.
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                  Those paint buckets are great for soup,stew etc, I use them for large catgering jobs, like the orange ones at Home Depot etc. Wyo Rose had mentioned temps, very important, when reheating you have to bring up to 165 degrees then hold it at 145 degrees or over to be safe. Defintely cook ahead and heat foods the day of the event and transport etc. By the time this event happnes we will all be wanting to get out there and help. Have you decided on soup, stew, chili? I have also done BBQ chicken etc in large quanities, precook it in conventional ovens and then reheat on grills, came out great, did that for 250 people.


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                    here is a littler hint

                    whatever you decide to make for this event make sure you are familiar with the recipe
                    make food that you know how to do or practice something in peticular you have time to get in some practice

                    Another hint:
                    it is as important for hot food hot but cold food must stay cold as well
                    If you are not sure how you will keep your potato salad to temp
                    Potato salad for 300 will need lots of cold chill

                    maybe try a pasta salad with an Italian dressing or crisp fresh greens offer turn it into like a salad buffet where they can add there own veggies and fixings of choice

                    If your dong chili or stew no need for potato salad make a good wild rice my family loves rice and corn in our chili

                    a good slow cooked bean recipe works well

                    Don't forget you will be feeding kids to you might want something you know they will like

                    here is a cheat tip too
                    if you are pressed for time
                    Some of the frozen doughs thawed out and pressed into size make for a quick frybread
                    Or make your recipe of choice and roll it into size freeze ahead

                    Also take into mind that there are usually many vendors there who sell frybread
                    For me unless it us a requirement for the feed I wouldn't want to go with such an undertaking and let the professionals handle it its their income
                    so if you were to make up some biscuits o cornbread or muffins ahead of time it will save you loads of time
                    A good hunk of homemade dinner roll tastes great with stew

                    Balance out your menu f you are going for a specific
                    a meat protein
                    a non meat protein
                    Veggies cooked or raw or both
                    Fruit group fresh

                    cinnamon rolls go great with chili it sets off the spicy

                    your dessert could be fresh fruits mixed into salad or chunks or just washed and arranged ( Great for special diet needs too)

                    then you could make up some pound cake or mild spice cake cut into chunks goes great with fruit and set out some cool whip for those who want extra sweetening
                    you want to pay attention to special needs
                    offer something plain or mild for those older palettes
                    and definalty a dessert with out added sugar for diabetic needs

                    call who ever is sponsoring this event and find out ahead of time about any specific diet needs of the committee or participants.
                    Its those little things that pay attention to detail that make it most memorable and special for those attending.

                    Make lists
                    don't forget cutlery
                    plates bowls cups
                    Paper towels

                    If you have a wholesale or place like we have here its the best place to shop

                    In Michigan I go to our local Gordon food service Its a restaurant supply store open to the public it has everything
                    I use it for all my catering events.

                    As for helpers it all depends on how well you are at feeding large groups

                    I usually do events of 200 people my self with one or two helpers to set up tables and move the product in 8 hours or less
                    but its my regular job so I know how it cam almost seem impossible for somone who has never done it before
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                      Powwow Feed Recipes

                      Gosh, I can't believe the generosity of all of you who have responded! Thanks so much for all the tips and suggestions. I think we are planning on a beef soup with potatos and carrots in a tomato/beef broth base. Frybread for dipping. It was one of my step-father's favorite meals. The suggestion for the kids was great...I'll have to think of something...franks and beans maybe?? We were talking about finger desserts (cookies, brownies, etc.) along with pieces of fresh fruit like apples, oranges, bananas and definately coffee, lemonade, water and punch or ice tea to drink. We were thinking about serving soup in bowls and then put the bowl, frybread and finger desserts in a large cardboard "boat" container. That way they can carry their meal in one hand and their drink in the other. Do you think this is too complicated? We also were thinking about just wrapping the utensils in the napkin ahead of time so they can just be passed out. Like I said, so many things to think about but again, your suggestions have been extremely helpful! My heartfelt thanks!


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                        What a good idea to serve in the cardboard "boats! Case boxes, right?

                        And Sam's Club sells knives and forks packaged with a napkin and salt and pepper. Some other place might have packages including spoons.

                        Somewhere I have a large batch chocolate chip recipe from when I used to do bake sales. For brownies, it was always good to find brownie mix on sale and then add more flour for cake like brownies.

                        For carrots in the stew, buy baby carrots so you don't have to cut them up. Potatoes always seem to be the most time consuming ingredients. I'ts a good idea to have a bowl of water handy to place them in after you cube them so they don't get brown when doing a large batch.
               is what it is...


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                          Originally posted by bigskymt View Post
                          Just wondering if anyone has info on recipes for beef soup and frybread to feed 200-300 people at an outdoor powwow? My step-father passed and we would like to honor him with a feed but have never done this before. I would appreciate suggestions on recipes, ingredients, cooking times, equipment needed, setup of cooking/serving area, drinks, paper products, how much to feed how many, where to get ingredients (beef for soup), how many people will be needed, etc. Do you think this would be a simple enough menu for us newbies and would it be sufficient? Should we provide a dessert as well? If so, suggestions? Thank you for your help.
                          What ever you do...DO NOT USE CHAFFING DISHES OR SOUP WARMERS!!! Bless my grandma's heart, she tried that and all talked of how pretentious it looked. ndn's just want a goot greasy stew, a couple casseroles, two pieces of wonder bread, corn soup, a Big piece of fry bread!!!


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                            costco has great bags of frozen fruit in place of canned fruit. I know the canned fruit will last a little longer, but the frozen fruit makes a great fruit salad and an go a long way in a waldorf w/ mayo.


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