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    Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
    Good idea!

    My turkey is going to have to sit in the oven next to my beef roast and a whole salmon, so I think I will try to deep fry the second one. I have a pot that should fit a small one.

    I've been dying to do another boneless turkey (deboned and stuffed). If I have some time I'm going to try it. There's some recipes out where you split the bird down the backbone and then have to tie them back together. Somewhere I have a book that shows you how to remove the bones and leave the bird whole. Now I just gotta find it!!
    holay hoodini if you can pull those bones out from under a turkey! You got some talent.

    My dad is doing the salmon. He hasn't delegated the fish to me yet. He's got a smoker out back and he's doing clams too. Yep, my dad smokes fish. Still, even with the fish out of the oven, there's not enough room to do everyone I need to. I'm going to bake as many pumpkin pies as I can on Mon/Tuesday. The only thing is the space in the fridge. I'm picking up that super fresh turkey tomorrow.

    You have to post if you pulled the bones out of your turkey and restuffed. Take a picture if you can...


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