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    I can't remember who was asking about the Magic Bullet...maybe Butter Bean.

    Anyway, I got one for Christmas and I love it. My old blender died and I actually got the Magic Bullet set and a big blender too. (I'm spoiled, I know ). My big blender cracked the first time I made a smoothie with frozen strawberries. Cheap thing anyway.

    At first I thought the Magic Bullet set was kinda cheap...being plastic and all. But it's holding up very well. I especially like the recipe book it came with to make everything from Alfredo sauce (and cook it in the same container in the microwave) to deviled ham, to smoothies and coffee drinks. You can grind your own coffee beans and whip cream with the second attachment. I know my other blender said it didn't whip cream.

    New Year's eve I made some Irish Cream, eggnog and daiquiris. The party mugs worked like a charm. It minces peppers and onions in nothing flat. I haven't made the 7 second salsa yet, but have all the ingredients including tomatillos.

    I can make broccoli cheese soup in a snap for lunch. Blend it then nuke it in the same container. I almost wish there were more came with a short cup, tall cup and 4 party mugs. You can cook and store in the cups.

    The only down side is they aren't that easy to clean by hand. They have raised ridges inside the cups. So I had to buy a bottle brush, and I throw them in the dishwasher every time I run a load.

    I'll post some recipes if anyone is interested. It grinds meat (small amounts), minced veggies, grates cheese, makes sauces, drinks and there's other reicpes as well.

    I haven't really checked the ice cube crushing yet. I made my smoothies with frozen fruit and didn't even need extra ice...keep you posted.
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    can you buy them at a store...? i got a nice blender 4 xmas but that magic bullet makes me want it lol


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      my bfs mother has one and she loves it..i was shamelessly trying to get her to give it to me..ima ask for one for my bday


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        I see it's on sale at KMart this week. $54.99 - US anyway. is what it is...


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          I bought one at the drug store 2 years ago, & it broke during thanksgiving week & boy I sure do miss it I used it every day, I'm going to buy another one I have to have it. I got mine for $35.00
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            magic bullet is a must! if you have to buy one appliance (like a blender) invest in the magic bullet. I use that stupid thing almost every day.


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              I know! I want a second one now, so I can blend two different things at once!!
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