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National Indian Pudding Day

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  • National Indian Pudding Day

    Today Nov. 13th is National Indian Pudding Day.

    I've never made it, or even have it....but these following recipes look DEELISH!!

    Indian Pudding Recipe | Simply Recipes

    As American as ... Indian pudding | Speed process of making Indian pudding with microwave is what it is...

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    MMMmmm I LOVE Indian pudding! Growing up in MA, you can get it at a lot of restaurants, fairs, and cookouts. It is so yummy, but it takes a long time to make. I've never made any myself. If do you do make some, let us know how it turns out!


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      NMAI's cafeteria often has indian pudding on the menu. Unfortunately (like most places) they put nutmeg in it. I'm allergic to nutmeg (and cloves and mace and allspice) :-(

      It's not all that hard to make and I use just cinnamon in mine. This is definitely something to make when the weather is cold. Using a double boiler (or your cooking pan inside a larger pan of boiling water) makes this dish a lot less tricky since the hardest part (for me) is keeping the milk and corn meal from burning in the bottom of the pan while waiting for it to thicken.

      Preheat the oven to 300 deg. F.

      Generously butter a steep-sided 2 qt porcelain dish (like a souffle dish - but a tall sided casserole dish will work fine).

      Take a quart of milk and heat it slowly in a saucepan until it starts to steam but don't boil it. (if you have a food thermometer - 180 degrees). At the same time start the water boiling in the bottom of a double boiler (or a slightly larger pan than the one the milk is in). Put the hot milk on the top of the double boiler and whisk in 1/3rd cup yellow corn meal. Add the salt and cook for 20 minutes, stirring frequently - I just leave the whisk in there and give it a stir every so often while I'm cooking other things. The mixture will thicken as it cooks. Take the top pan off the double boiler and stir 1/2 cup molasses (or 1/4 cup maple syrup and 1/4 cup molasses) and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

      Pour the pudding into the souffle dish and bake for 2 hours.

      Top individual servings with cold heavy cream and serve hot.


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        I had some from NMAI and it wasn't very good. So you're not missing out! Thanks for the recipe :)


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