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Baked Carrots - Another "Happy Accident"

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  • Baked Carrots - Another "Happy Accident"

    OK - so as I get older either my arms are getting shorter or the print is getting smaller on the durn labels at the grocery store or I need yet -another- pair of glasses (right now it's one pair for the computer and one pair for everything else).

    I get sent to the grocery store - get bacon, I'm told. Get bacon but DON'T get the maple syrup kind. I agree - the bacon with the maple *flavoring* already injected into it is nasty. (I love REAL maple syrup - not that "flavoring" junk)

    So I'm looking at the meat case - "Bacon - Hardwood Smoked" says the big print on the label.

    Yeah you guessed it - really itty bitty print at the bottom says "with maple flavoring". Bleh. Not discovered until I got all the way back home, opened it, starting cooking it, smelled that awful maple flavoring smell: so we're stuck with it.

    I'm also frugal (well ok - a cheap so-and-so), and I'll be darned if I'm going to throw the stuff out. It doesn't taste bad but the smell when it's frying is really overwhelming.

    About the same time, we ended up with an over-abundance of large carrots. So, Tainee takes about a pound of carrots - peels them, cuts them into 2" long pieces and arranges them in a single layer in the bottom of a 9x9 pan. Then she chopped up 2 slices of the bacon, sprinkled it over the carrots, covered the pan with aluminum foil and put it in a 350 deg over for about an hour.

    Now, that was goot stuff and a new favorite of mine!

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