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Fast and Easy Hominy Recipe

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  • Fast and Easy Hominy Recipe

    Here is a very fast and much easier way to make Hominy. Later I may add my mother's secret beef hominy soup recipe..... Maybe.

    I can of White corn Hominy.

    Meat (Your choice)


    Open the can of Hominy and pour it into a pot.
    Boil the meat (I prefer Chicken) and add it to the hominy.
    Then add a little salt if you'd like. (I usually dont.)
    * The traditional way to cook this is outside in a big black pot. I still remember that huge pot outside at my granny's house. "Sniff" ahh memories. Anyway, the traditional way takes hours to make and it's a lot of work.
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    Crock Pot Corn Soup:

    2 can hominy
    21 can whole kernel corn
    1 can black eyed peas or kidney beans (optional)
    1 package of cubed or diced ham
    chicken stock (2 cans or 1 box)

    Dump it all in the crock pot, cover with chicken stock, turn on the crock pot and leave it for a while.

    Not as good as traditional corn soup, but when you don't have access to white corn or time to cook it, this will get by.


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