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need a taditional Lakota buffalo recipe.

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  • need a taditional Lakota buffalo recipe.

    hello all....I need a trad recipe for ceremony. Does anyone have anything? I have ground buffalo. Does it still work for stew? Also, if I want to make Wasna, how to dry the ground buffalo? And where do I find tallow for it? Thanks!

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    Well you take a buffalo stomach. Fill it with some nice hump meat, some timpsila, water and add some really hot rocks. *wink*


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      I don't know how traditional ground buffalo is, but you could make a nice hamburger soup, either like stew, or a macaroni soup with canned tomatoes. I like to use macaroni shells cuz they don't fall apart as easily as elbow mac.

      I haven't done it myself, but lots of "white" jerky recipes call for griding the meat, mixing with seasoning, then you pipe it out a little contraption that shoots out thin strips. I suppose you can get the same effect by mixing your ground buffalo with a little salt and flattening it in sheets between two sheets of plastic.

      The salt is necessary because most ground meats contain bacteria from the grinding equipment (unless you just now grinded it yourself). You'll also need to get it dried in a hurry, so use a food dehydrator, a warm oven with a fan going, or outside on a dry sunny day if your climate is not humid - protected from flies. If it's not dry by evening, bring it inside and put it out again the next day.

      At least it will be easy to "pound" since it was ground to start with.

      If you can't find tallow, use suet or a good piece of fat. What kind of berries are you using? is what it is...


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        You can cook or boil your Buffalo Hamb. Its pretty lean so I don't know how much fat you will get from it. It would work better to have some buffalo jerky to pound. It should pound out to to some fairly fine almost powder. Then you take some dried berries, chokecherrie,(tart) Juneberries or buffaloberries(sweet) and then you mix this its kind of crumbly. So you can pick it up and eat it , but not a greasy little ball of too much fat.
        Some modern versions now have some sweetener added and some sunflower seeds or nuts.dried apples or whatever you want to taste. old fashioned wasna doesn't always appeal to everyone.Sometimes my grandmother would put some meat broth on it to give it flavor and some herb for taste.Not much, then we would lay it out to dry and then pack it up.


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