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  • Where to Get Wild Rice

    Anyone know a good place to order good wild rice from? I love wild rice. I know I can just go to the grocery store and buy that commercial black wild rice - but I'm interested in wild rice that is actually good!


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      I saw wild rice in it's natural habitat, once. Very thrilling, exciting and scary at the same time. You wouldn't know it, but rice in the wild is very aggressive. Why the male grains protect the rest of the field, by circling, (so to speak), they kind a for a rectangular area around the rest of the grains. Anyway, that's not important right now. I thought that maybe they would charge us and perhaps gore us or even trample us, but I guess they were more interested in letting us know that we got too close.

      Sorry RDNKJ, I couldn't resist. And no I do not know where to order good Wild rice. I've always just bought and cooked my own, because I can't seem to find a place that doesn't over cook it or under cook it.


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        BINESHII Hand Harvested Wood Parched Wild Rice, Gourmet, Raw Eaters, And The Famous Bineshii Ghost Wild Rice, Batches Never Mixed To Insure Even Cooking! We Also Have Fry Bread Mix, Wild Rice Soup Mix, Wild Rice Salad Mix, Maple And Blueberry Syrup, Hominy, And Many More Food Mixes.

        I ran across this place a while back. They have a nice selection of wild rice and wild rice products.


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          Try health food stores........that's the last place we bought a bag of wild rice. Kind of expensive, but oh so good!!!


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            You might want to order it from these folks *cough* being an aboriginal owned company*cough*

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