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Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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  • jwashee
    Random thoughts
    by jwashee
    - I wish Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" routing option.
    - More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can’t wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that’s not only better, but also more directly involves me....
    09-22-2009, 09:08 PM
  • Atehequa
    Native Issues
    by Atehequa
    I guess this is a native issue -

    Sometime back someone suggested I check out this place. I thought to have found a place where people got along with each other, but in my case that didn't happen. There were threads started by others here that not only caught my interest, but also prompted...
    06-01-2013, 04:19 PM
  • kitchemanitou
    things my mother taught me!!
    by kitchemanitou
    My mother taught me LOGIC... "If you fall off that swing and break you neck, you can't go to the store with me."

    My mother taught me MEDICINE... "If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they're going to freeze that way."

    My mother taught me TO THINK AHEAD......
    03-10-2005, 08:33 PM
  • incognito please
    Rights to Dance in Contemporary PowWow Dress
    by incognito please
    First off, please let me explain why I want to do this incognito. I know several of you that post on these boards, both well and just by seeing you around. I don't want who I am to reflect anyway on your opinions, good or bad. Plus, I'm just chicken :D. So stop trying to guess!!!!

    01-13-2005, 04:01 PM
  • Taushina
    For Him! :)
    by Taushina
    This past July I traveled with an all-Native team to over 17 different Native Communities and I got a chance to talk on the mic. and one-on-one to different Native girls/woman about my experience with contemplating suicide, attempting suicide and my new life in Jesus Christ.

    When I...
    08-02-2004, 03:56 AM



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