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  • Infected file?????

    When I am in the "Okie thread" I keep getting a message from my virus program that I am picking up a virus. My program won't allow me to clean it, so I have to delete it. Is there something you can do or check on your end....maybe it came with an attachment of sorts. I didn't start getting this until Veteran's Day.

    I was here a few minutes ago and received 2 more alerts.

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    If the program that keeps poppin up is for Microsoft 2009 Antivirus, U need to find the file itself and remove from your computer. U can do a search for it. OR go into ur control panel, then into your ADD/Delete Program and look it there and delete it. You'll need to reset your computer afterwards.

    You can do that for any Virus Program...Its just to phish your network and send U spam....


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      Thanks will give it a try.


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