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  • Have a Wanderful Holiday

    I would like to wish you all the Very Best over the Holidays and Many Good Things in 2009.

    Safe Journey where ever you may travel

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    Right back at ya my dear!!
    I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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      That goes for me, too. Let us hope that we have a good year of 2009. I am just going to try to relax and enjoy new year.


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        I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday too.


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        • Wolf Lady
          Hope You All Have a Safe & Happy New Year!
          by Wolf Lady
          Osiyo everyone,

          I know 2006 is going to be the best year ever for everyone, I know I am looking forward to it! Good things are coming for each and every one of you, I pray that the creator watches over you all, for a safe and happy new year.

          12-31-2005, 06:13 PM
        • Okwataga
          alright here we are again
          by Okwataga
          a new year a new beginning
          and have you decided to do something new and different than any other year????
          We need to boost cloth dancing thread as we seem to be the smallest talking thread on here

          Me: I am actually working out every other day on home gym, am trying not to...
          01-11-2008, 06:19 PM
        • Siobhanni
          I Hope You All Enjoy Your Powow 2013
          by Siobhanni
          I just wanted to wish you all a Great Powow 2013. I have seen that many of you take part in the competitions and have worked very hard on your fabulous costumes and dances, so I wish you all good luck. And for those of you who do not take part in the competitions, I hope you all have a wonderful time...
          08-19-2013, 07:32 PM
        • luvstraightdancrs
          Holiday wishes
          by luvstraightdancrs
          From our family to yours:

          May you holidays be filled with love and laughter, safe travels and good times. Keep your family close to your heart, make warm memories. If you are dancing, dance one for me! It is our wish that you have the things you need the most in 2009.

          12-24-2008, 12:37 PM
        • Okwataga
          Old year/ new year
          by Okwataga
          so what did you not get to last year but have made plans for this year?

          i.e. beadwork, new gear, travel........

          I hope to travel more this year(pow wows)
          plans on going overseas, that didn't get done last year.

          new outfit for my son - sequin
          01-06-2004, 08:14 AM



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