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  • Richard A. Reese of Reese Tipi

    I must warn others about Richard Allen Reese of Reese Tipi from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Richard A. Reese of Reese Tipi stole $958.00 from me last September 2008. I ordered and paid for a set of poles for a 18 foot tipi. I sent a personal check for $958.00 which he promptly cashed. I have yet to receive my poles. I did get to speak to him briefly in November. When I asked for my poles or my money he responded, "TOO BAD" and hung up. This was the last time he answered the phone. I continue to try to reach him but, he will not answer his phone. His number is 719-930-2231. Do not do business with this theif. He will steal from you then hide. I WILL NOT STOP trying to reach this dishonest person to get my money back. I WILL also not stop telling as many people as possible about this dishonest theif. BEWARE of Richard Allen Reese of Reese Tipi of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has begun to advertise on Craig's List. BEWARE OF THIS THEIF!!!!! STEVE BULLOCK.

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    Richard A. Reese

    Over 80 people have read what I posted a few days ago. Not one(1) person has had a reply. Do you not care that this man(Richard Reese) is cheating people in the name of Native Americanism?? I saved for years to put together a tipi to share with my students here in Kentucky. My wife and myself are both classroom teachers. Now, our students are still waiting. Please help us!!


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