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  • Jadenia
    Thank you I defense will be in the [email protected] learning and growing

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  • DeafToniB
    Welcome to Powwows. Well, as long as you are enjoying the powwows whether at the outdoor arena or inside the arena. If you don't know what your heritage is from being an Indian, then you need to research finding your native ancestors along with other heritages like Irish and Part Spanish (P). I know it is not easy. Ask any members of your previous family members like grandmother or grandfather and try to trace back to the generations from here to there. So hopefully you will find the satisfaction of discovering where you feel belong to. I understand your situation. I do hope you have fun reading and learning about our Native ways and customs in the Powwows. I hope to see you around here in this forum.

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  • Jadenia
    started a topic has changed my life has changed my life

    Growing up I never really had a grasp on what my beliefs were, what culture i could become a part of (i'm irish, portuguese and indian) and what culture i could honestly see me calling "home". It was really difficult knowing the i wasnt just "cauc" like the other kids. I look different and i always was different no matter where i went. Being such a mix and having little information passed down to me about my heritage i never really felt like i belonged. I have been a member on this site for not very long and already i can truly say it has/will changed my life. I belong where my path has led me, to the indian culture that I am learning about more and more everyday from the caring and good people on this site. They have been most helpful with all my questions and have opened their arms welcomingly (?) to me. I dont know where my path where lead me to but I do know that it has lead me here for a reason and I want to find out what that reason is. I have this feeling that i cannot explain that I will finally belong somewhere with all my mixed blood and I am not much indian but I know for a fact that I am indian. :) somewhere in here. lol. Throughout history many books are out there telling about how welcoming and understanding the american indians always were with others and this site proves that even thru all their pain and suffering they are still as they always were welcoming, helpful and understanding. Thank you for everything. I finally feel like I have found somewhere in my mix of things somewhere i know i will belong one day.

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