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    The application now active only when u click on ur username.

    Then it doesn't open separate chat pages for each person u r chatting with. It stacks them on top of one another.

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    yeah, my chat thing is only working on the username page and not at all on the other pages
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      They have a chat on here?

      Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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        Originally posted by Joe's Dad View Post
        They have a chat on here?

        hahahhaah! You seriously didnt know that? lol
        huh? I dont know..


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          Originally posted by lalive08 View Post
          hahahhaah! You seriously didnt know that? lol
          You have to forgive JD, he's a dinosaur and luddite.
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            By default chat will be off for you. If you want to turn it on, there will be a link near the bottom of the page to turn it back on.
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