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    Sat. June 23, '12 I attended the powwow hosted by Monroe County Community College and want to thank EVERYONE involved for the very meaningful and beautiful experience. The facilities were clean, convenient, with warm hospitality. The event was well-organized and very educational for those of us continuing to learn about the great Native American culture. Everyone was made to feel welcome and at home participating, as we were invited, to join in the dances. THANK YOU for a splendid time spent in such an authentic atmosphere.

    think GOODNESS!

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    Bill Miller News
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    This is being sent on behalf of [email protected]
    as part of the mailing list that you joined.
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    Dear Bill...
    09-09-2004, 03:55 PM
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    Help for next year's powwow
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    Help sought for 2007 Native American Powwow and other projects

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    Return of Ancestors Gathering in Sedona
    by Tibiki Kinew
    Was any one from here at this gathering?
    A bus load of folks from up here in Canada went the long way and saw what the hype was.
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  • StandnWolf
    Perrysburg Pow wow
    by StandnWolf
    A great time for all who made the trip!
    Good food, lots of dancing,vendors who were friendly and gave information to all.
    The bird of prey area was something I will always cherish, to see those wonderful birds up so close!
    Jamie, thank you for saying the right things at the right...
    10-03-2007, 11:56 AM
    Sedalia MO Powwow
    I want to thank everyone that came to make this year one of our best ever. I would also like to thank all that prayed for us. The weather was very pleasent and the AC inside was great too.

    Jarod Buffalohead and his Brothers were great along with everyone that came to help him sing....
    07-20-2004, 02:15 AM



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