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    Starting Wednesday we will be working to move to a new server.

    We have outgrown the current server and need more horsepower and space.

    This is a good problem to have, and means we are continuingto grow.

    We are moving from a Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz Linux server with 512 mb of ram and 40 GB IDE hard drive to a Dual Processor Xeon 2.0 Ghz Windows 2003 server with 1 GB of ram and a 73 GB SCSI hard drive.

    This should give us plenty of room to grow.

    Please be patient while we work on the migration over the next few weeks. Our goal is to complete the move by 9/30.

    Thanks for your support of
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    Hi, i'm new to this computer stuff and still figuring things out. But I love this site and plan to visit often. Great work, thanks for giving us a great place to get a lot of info.


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      I wondered what was going on..for the past few days every time I hit the login icon on the front page it would say: This page cannot be found.. It seems that I have to reply to a message, hence having to login and thats the only way I am able to right now.. Good to hear we're still growing paul.
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        I'm planning to complete the migration on Sunday.

        The forums and other parts of the site will be closes while this occurs.

        I will try to minimize the downtime. Please be patient with me as I complete the move.

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          The site is on the new server. I'm still working out some minor bugs. I'm trying to complete everything as soon as possible.

          Thanks for your support and patience.
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            Slight problem today, sorry about that.

            Hubz caused an issue with the server that caused the site to become corrupt. That took some time to get corrected.

            Hope to have more smooth sailing now!
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