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Robert Mirabal Concert in the SouthEast

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  • Robert Mirabal Concert in the SouthEast

    Hey all you Robert Mirabal fans, he is going to be in Macon Georgia on Sep20th! If you want more info on tickets, showtimes and everything else let me know and Ill get you the info. It will be the same weekend as the Ocmulgee gathering at our traditional grounds where alot of skins gather to dances, eat etc etc. Ocmulgee was the heart of the Creek nation, its a federal park now that has preserved our temple mounds, earth lodges and a bunch of other things so you can make a weekend out of it!

    let me know if anyone is interested and Ill get you the info:)
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    Robert Mirabal will also be in UNCP Givens Performing Center in November, November 7th. For more info,
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      i really like him.:)
      Life is more than what we see...


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        Wish he would get back up my way!!!:D


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          We saw him in Tampa last Nov. --- Awesome Show :Thumbs ---

          It's worth the price of the ticket.
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            If you want more info on tickets, showtimes and everything else let me know and Ill get you the info.
            Hey Joseph, I want to know what time you are going to be at my place to pick me up for this thing.....LOL. Let's see you are about 5 hours away.............;) :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter

            (Tell Alan and Laralynn I said Hi!:Wave )


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              Oooh...I'd love to see him perform!!
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                Originally posted by MuzeBl
                Oooh...I'd love to see him perform!!
                Maybe you can, he's going to be in Macon on 9/20/02.

                go to his web site and check out his tour itinerary. :)
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                  The Grand Opera House - Macon, GA(About an hour south of Atlanta)

                  Tickets on sale now adn they are going fast!

                  Box Office: (478) 301-5470

                  September 20(Friday) at 8pm

                  $26.75- For front row seating
                  $22.50- For all other seats

                  Then the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration is the rest of that weekend. There will be stomp dancing, exhibitions, vendors, representatives from all the 5 Southeastern Tribes. Its a good weekend getaway and the peopel you see there are pretty mucht he same you see ont eh powwow trail-lol except for the council members from the 5 nations and stomp dancers etc:)
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                  A Warrior without character is nothing more than a brute.

                  I have lots of freinds, you just cant see them:)


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                    He will be at the Leid Center (on the KU campus) in Lawrence, Kansas this weekend. Also in Lawrence, Kansas this weekend is the 14th Annual Haskell Indian Art Show, sponsored by Haskell University.

                    I think the performance is at 7:30 pm on Saturday, 9/14.

                    Leid Center Tickets


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                      I thought I heard Robert Mirabal would also be at the opening of the Trail of Tears motorcycle ride starting in TN. Does anyone know?


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                        Robert Mirabal in Chattanooga TN Sept 19th 8pm

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                        Yes, absolutely, Robert Mirabal will be in concert , 8pm , Sept. 19th, at the Memorial Auditorium-388 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, TN call: 423-624-tixs for tickets, hurry they're going fast!!!! ticket prices are $22.50, 19.50, 16.50. Hope you can make it and tell all your friends. It's going to be an outstanding concert. He is amazing. The music is from his CD "Music from a Painted Cave":Angel2
                        "Mouse" Corral :supperhap


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                          The show was AWESOME!! I had a blast taking Robert and Dawn around town and he blew me away when he asked to to be in the show, talk about an honor.
                          I would never have been nervous if it wasnt for my tribal council being there AS WELL as alot of elders because he wanted me to call some stomp dance songs. Needless to say it went REALLY good and I had a blast, dressed up old style 1800's and got out there and stomped! I had a blast, Robert and his wife Dawn are awesome people adn the show was incredible!

                          The opera house, Friday morning, had only sold 100 tickets. they said no way, no one is going to show up, this is it. That night the mob came-lol and the house sold out! it was too cool.

                          Powwowchic- if I hadnt been in the show I had the sling shot and ball bearings(Freight trailer size) all ready to go..sorry:)
                          A Warrior without character is nothing more than a brute.

                          I have lots of freinds, you just cant see them:)


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                            Laughing to hard to type!!!

                            Your da best maaaan!

                            I still got mad love for Robz and Dawn *and Aspen and Kona!he he he* It iz a good show, Im really glad you got to be in it!!!

                            To bad the hoop dancer is full of...

                            ANYWAYZ!!!*he he he* Glad it had a good outcome!!!
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                              Wow, Joseph, sounds like you had fun :)

                              I'm miffed I missed the Chattanooga celebration. I'm sorry Mouse!! :( I need to find a job that doesn't deal with the public. The bronchitis *still* hasn't cleared up completely, and now Scott is insisting I go to the Annie Tramper Days in KY...No can do! I'm moving into my condo that weekend :(

                              write me, woman! And kiss the chicken for me ;)

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