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  • Need Printing?? is preparing to print flyers and posters to promote the site.

    We are looking for printing services. The flyers will be full color.

    If you are able to provide this type of printing, please let me know.

    New to the site--Introduce Yourself

    Find a Pow Wow Near You!

Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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  • Paul G
    Looking for Writers for
    by Paul G
    In 2010 is looking to add more dynamic, original content to the site. We want to include articles covering Pow Wows, cultural, crafts, news, lifestyle, economic development, politics, music, sports, interviews and more. is looking for experienced writers to contribute...
    12-22-2009, 02:18 PM
  • Paul G Upgrade
    by Paul G
    Starting Wednesday we will be working to move to a new server.

    We have outgrown the current server and need more horsepower and space.

    This is a good problem to have, and means we are continuingto grow.

    We are moving from a Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz Linux server...
    08-30-2004, 01:50 PM
  • Iris
    I need your help!!
    by Iris
    I am looking for JAROD BUFFALOHEAD or HENRY COLLINS. Please, anyone knowing of them and how to contact them please let me know. I need to talk to JAROD for our July dance. Please let me know on here, PM. This is urgent, Please let me know as soon as possible, Thanks very much.
    07-14-2018, 03:21 AM
  • Paul G
    Please excuse the mess...
    by Paul G
    While we work to build a better site.

    As I said in the thread about the growth of this site, we are moving to a new server.

    To help facilitate this move, I will be upgrading the Gathering to the new version of the software. This will mean that some of the customizations...
    10-13-2002, 09:11 PM
  • skaroreh
    Go thru your closets & pantries and help out!
    by skaroreh
    SO.... who here are we going to be able to count on to help out???

    We're about 3 weeks away from the kickoff of the Great Salt Water powwow so I want to REMIND EVERYONE to please, please, please...

    GO THROUGH YOUR CLOSETS & PANTRIES and see what you can bring to contribute...
    10-13-2004, 08:38 AM



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