PowWows.com User Survey Results

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. The survey received over 1,500 responses!

I have read each and every comment left on the survey. And I greatly appreciate the thoughts and ideas you shared. There are more ideas than we can ever incorporate into PowWows.com. However, I've complied a list of the best ideas and have already begun implementing them on the site. And remember I'm always looking for ways to improve the site, so please email me anytime you have a suggestion.

Several people wrote in with problems they were experiencing on the site. If you are having problems with parts of PowWows.com, please let me know! You can email me at [email protected] or click on the Contact Us link on the site.

PowWow Network - Contact Us

We also received many responses asking about how to use or where to find features on our sites. Please take a few moments to read the information below. I hope that it will help everyone to use our site better from our new users to the PowWows.com Addicts.

Below are a few topics that many people asked about.

We have a couple of ways to stay up to date with PowWows.com's news, announcements, upgrades and changes.

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Announcements Forum
PowWows.com Announcements - PowWows.com Gathering - Forums for Native American Pow Wows

Pow Wow Calendar

The My Pow Wows section allows you to save events to your own personal calendar. You can add events by clicking the + sign next to a Pow Wows listing or by clicking the Add Your Name link. Your personal calendar can then be printed or downloaded into Outlook or other calendar programs.

PowWows.com - Calendar : Search

Please remember that ALL events in the calendar are submitted by our members. So if you know of events, please submit them. Or tell your local Pow Wow committees to list their events on PowWows.com.

In addition we've added save searches to your My Poww Wows. When you do a search on the calendar, you can now save that search. As new events are added to the calendar that match your search, you will receive an email with these events.

To access your My Pow Wows, visit:
My Pow Wows
PowWows.com - Calendar : Search
Add your Pow Wow to the Calendar! Additions to the calendar are free!

We are currently working on a new Pow Wow Calendar! Look for the new version of the calendar soon.

Remember to check the Contest Results after Pow Wows to see who won each weekend!

Pow Wow Contest Results
PowWows.com - Contest Archive

And if you know about results, please submit them here:

Pow Wow Contest Submissions

PowWows.com Live Webcasts
Periodically through the year PowWows.com broadcasts Pow Wows live. You can find out about upcoming broadcasts by visiting our WebCast page.

Live Webcasts - PowWows.com Gathering - Forums for Native American Pow Wows

If you missed some of the past webcasts, visit Pow Wow TV. On this site you can watch rebroadcasts of past webcasts as well as watch on demand videos.

Webcast Archive - Webcasts by PowWows.com

Pow Wow TV

Pow Wow TV - Native American Videos

Pow Wow TV features over 2,000 videos you can watch online! AND you can upload your videos to share with the world. If you have several videos on YouTube, you can easily copy them to Pow Wow TV! See our YouTube import!

PowWows.com Gathering - Forums for Native American Pow Wows - Forum Rules

With Pow Wow TV, you can include these videos on your MySpace profile, share them on Facebook, or post them on your own website. Just use the embed code on the right side of every video!

Pow Wow TV - Native American Videos

Pow Wow Radio
Powwow Radio

Our online radio station has been updated with new songs! The playlist now features over 2,200 songs! To listen to our online radio, you need Windows Media Player. This is a free software program from Microsoft.

The radio also features an option for dialup users to listen. This option will allow people not on fast internet connections to still listen to the music.

And we have an online station for other types of Native American music such as rock, jazz, flute, traditional, and more.

Tune in to NativeMusicSource.com Radio!
NativeMusicSource.com Radio - Your Online Native American Radio station for ALL types of Native music.

PowWows.com Forums
The forums on PowWows.com is an online community of people from all over the world. Topics of conversation range from beadwork tips to reality tv shows. All of the content on the forums is submitted by members. Many people commented that they wanted to see other topics discussed or did not like some of the conversations. You can change it! Post new topics and add your own thoughts and opinions to the site!

PowWows.com Gathering - Forums for Native American Pow Wows - Powered by vBulletin

Many people asked how to find events other than Pow Wows. NativeGatherings.com is the site for ALL native Events. The site features an online calendar of seminars, conferences, museum exhibits, concerts and more.


Advertising on PowWows.com
The advertising on PowWows.com is our main source of revenue. We work hard to have the best ads displayed possible. PowWows.com removed all Pop Up ads from site over a year ago. We have also worked with all of our advertising networks to ensure the security of the ads displayed. There is no spyware put on your computer from PowWows.com or our ads.

You can see the results of a scan of our site from McAfee:
Security Scan
powwows.com | Web Safety Ratings from McAfee SiteAdvisor

They verify that we have no spyware and do not display any popup ads.

Advertising on PowWows.com is a great way to promote your products, website, or event to a targeted audience. We have advertising packages for any budget! Let us develop a plan to help you! Contact our advertising sales!

[email protected]

eSnag at PowWows.com is our online dating site. This site is 100% free! You can create a profile and contact unlimited people on our site free. And we have recently changed the look of the site.

Visit eSnag
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Shopping on PowWows.com
PowWows.com has several options for shopping.

If you are looking to sell or buy outfit pieces, beadwork etc, please visit our Trading Post. You can also list your items for sale here! Or post a Wanted ad.

Main Index - Trading Post

For PowWows.com merchandise such as t-shirts, please visit our PowWows.com Merchandise Shop.

PowWows.com Online Store

Looking for music of your favorite drum group? Download them now!. PowWow360.com

Thanks again for your support of PowWows.com. We look forward to a great year!