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Oklahoma Thread: Goot Men and goot looking women

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  • Originally posted by streamhawk View Post
    thanks for the info! Pardon me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but is Medicine Tail singing in eastern Oklahoma anytime soon?
    i dont know yet....possibly singing at the Creek Nation powwow in June. We will be at Denver march for sure. Hey did you get a chance to check out our new cd? you can buy it online at: its also up for a native american music award for best powwow recording!


    • Good Morning! Western Heights was a lot of fun. Josiah said Grand Entry would be at 11:00 and he would have been right had they not skipped it. lol

      Sooooo good to meet you Chris!
      "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." ~St. Augustine


      • Whew
        Western Heights Powwow was alot of fun
        And even though we sat through marathon giveaways
        it still was alot of fun
        Saw alot of PW.Com people there!!!
        We got to gourd dance untill 9:00 pm!!!! hahahaha
        of course they finally decided to skipp grand entry by 10:00
        it was scheduled for 700 pm
        Ahhh yes Ndn time
        the funny thing was we had very lonnnnng Gourd Sessions during the afternoon like 50 min one time and at least 45 another

        Heard about two Powwows next weekend in Stroud and Concho on Sunday
        Good friend has invited us to Stroud he is Head Gourd Dancer there

        Have a good one Okies
        ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
        Till I Die!


        • Western Heights powwow was a great time. I got to gourd dance with my good friend Josiah again. The singing was great, the accoustics were not. The company I spent time with were truly hospitable and hilarious. Stacey, it was great to finally meet you also. Josiah and Val, I'm so glad you two moved back here. The Oklahoma powwow scene is better off because of it.
          By 9:00 pm, I was starting to feel like winter is over, and the season is here. It takes a good dance like this to get me feeling good again. Take care everyone.....Kio-manche
          Oklahoma Proud!!!


          • Originally posted by 1badazzndn View Post
            i dont know yet....possibly singing at the Creek Nation powwow in June. We will be at Denver march for sure. Hey did you get a chance to check out our new cd? you can buy it online at: its also up for a native american music award for best powwow recording!
            congratulations on the nomination! I have the new one, really wanted it since I was at that IICOT powwow, gourd dancing that day. You and I have talked on the phone I believe when I was getting Powwowlicious and asking about when this new one was coming out. I'll keep an eye out for you guys this summer.


            • good to hear you guys enjoyed the powwow and everyone made it back home safe. Sounds like things spilled over a bit, but don't most of them?


              • Hello all! For those who spent their Saturday stomp dancing in Glenpool or Miami, Hope yall got home okay. We made it back to Alabama last night around midnight....and now back to work...yuck lol. anywho just wanted to let you know of another event:

                James Squirrel Benefit Gourd and Stomp Dance, March 17, 2007
                at the Ottawa-Peoria tribal buliding in Miami, OK
                11-2pm Indian Taco Sale
                2pm-5pm Gourd Dance
                5-7pm Supper Break (5 dollar donation)
                7pm Stomp Dance.

                Mr. Squirrel has been an active member of the Indian community and an elder of the White Oak Ceremonial Grounds. I cannot say enough good things about him. James is now facing a liver transplant due to cirosis and needs all the help and prayers he can get.

                Donations can be made in the form of raffle items, monetary donations, or go to your nearest blood bank and donate blood in his name- that will also defer the costs of the surgery.

                Im sure many of you all know him as a powwow singer and outstanding stomp dance leader. Lets all help him out


                • Good morning okies!! Sounds like the western heights powwow was successful but a little on the late side!! We just stayed home and went to a stomp dance for a little kids were tired and ready to go home by 9:30. But it was all good we had a relaxing Sunday at home with not too much to do but enjoy the weather!


                  • Good Morning okies
                    Sometimes aircraft can be stubborn as hell, was working one last night that started out as a simple problem but by 2:00 in the morning had become a pain in the arse!!! But in the end it was finally fixed and wrapped up so the crew could fly this morning.
                    Ahhh yes the hidden little things in aviation that they don't tell you about when they are recruiting you.
                    That is you stay till its fixed, no matter what time of day or holiday or whatever...

                    Thanks KioManche for the good words, We both moved back to Oklahoma to be close to family and friends and to go to Powwows which we both love to do!!!
                    It is always a good time when we meet with you and look forward to many powwow's down the road...

                    Its March and Spring Powwow season has begun!!!
                    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
                    Till I Die!


                    • What's up everyone. Can't believe it's already Monday! Hey Buckskin, saw that about the bombing threat on the news Friday, that's crazy.

                      Okay, so anyone see where some guy confessed to killing and mutilating his wife?? People are weird.....and disturbed.

                      Watched Down in the Valley this weekend, kept looking at it b/c I am an Ed Norton fan, but never checked it out. So I watched it...took it out about more than an hour into it, b/c I looked at my husband and said "Do you have ANY idea what this is about????" He said no, I said..."Thank god b/c I thought maybe I was just really lost" So we took it out and that was that.

                      It wasn't a bad movie, it was just like, I had the deer caught in headlights look during the whole thing waiting for something to click....

                      Maybe it didn't until the end, but then....they should've held my attention! *L*

                      Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


                      • Went to movies on Friday night and saw Wild Hogs!
                        Ok if you looking for a sharp witty comedy and dry humor
                        Pass on this one
                        It is site gags galore and just plain silly comedy
                        But then I like the guys in this movie and it works, the Theater was pretty full and everybody laughed hard!
                        The reviews have been less the great but hey, People are paying to see the movie and LAUGH!
                        What else is there
                        ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
                        Till I Die!


                        • KIDZ, got your message....we'll see what is going on around that time! Sounds like it might be alright.

                          I AM SO READY TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 more mins to kill..........doobie doobie doooo

                          (anyone remember that BUD ICE commercial??? W/the penguin singing that in the fride??)

                          moving on............

                          Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


                          • I had fun this weekend too!!! Nice to meet everybody!!!
                            ***Edited for explicit content***


                            • Good morning! I'm actually pretty busy today. Should make the time go by faster, yay!!!

                              I saw 2 movies this past weekend. North Country and The Night Listener. Both good and based on true stories. Neither of them are new, tho.
                              "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." ~St. Augustine


                              • Mornin neighbors! Gotta love these 60's temps! Feels like spring already, not sure we're out of the woods with cold weather just yet, but I'm soaking it up as it comes. Looking forward to the time change this weekend too. Ya'll don't work too hard today.


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