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  • *TiPs*

    Do you "tip" your driver?
    Do you "tip" your waiter/waitres??

    TIP.. not TAP!!! LMAO :p

    Meee...if i'm a satisfied customer at a restaurant with the waiters/waitress' HELP ....then I tip them..... if they only return to give you the food and give you your check...then they are SOL outta of a tip from me! LMAO .....whats your style??? LOL :p

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    That's about how I do it.. Try to leave a tip cause I know how little they get paid, but don't act like I OWE you something. That will get ya squat!

    One time my hubby was so ticked at this one place he left a nickel.. guess they really are insulted then. Word got back they are still talking about that one! :rofl2:
    "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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      I see it that way too.. yeah they need to get paid..but NO ONE stuck a gun to their head and told them to BE A WAITER OR WAITRESS... ya know?? LOL.... :rofl2:

      LMAO a nickel!!! OMG... i would probably do that some day!!! Seriously... tho...if you wanna good tip...provide that good service...ya know lol....

      HAHAHA i'm waiting for someone that is a waiter/waitress to respond too *L* Cuuzz i know they are going to go into depth about i have this many tables..blah blah blah *L* :p


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        who's tappin' who? :42:
        Hockey is soul food.


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          Originally posted by Jinglin Chica
          who's tappin' who? :42:
          Tonight my house at 10 pm better be on time this time.. i like my dancers ready to tap :Naughty


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            We always tip; unless the service has been very poor, if it's obvious the person/or business hates native people, we have left before we have placed the order and been very vocal about why we are leaving, that leaves them speechless. This has happened once; and we let everybody we know what places to give their business to. As for tipping; we always try and tip, no matter if we can afford to or not, in hopes that the business will treat all other native people/families well.


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              Ayeez Char, that one flew over ur head. :rofl2:
              Hockey is soul food.


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                Noooo it didn't.. i know what you were talkin bout :p



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                  Did you know they earn $2.13/hr???

                  Why anyone would choose a job like that is beyond me.. but then again I realize that this could be the only job that is flexible with their school or home schedule.

                  I usually tip 15% or 20%. If the service was crappy.. i leave a buck or two! *L*


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                    yupppp they make that much an hour.... buuuttt stillll ....... lol


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                      I put $5 on the table when I get there. That's the waiter's/waitress's default tip. Every time they mess up I take a buck off. Aye!

                      Watch Reservoir Dogs. That movie outlines the "official" rules on tipping.


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                        OMG.. lmao KB

                        :rofl2: :rofl2:


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                          Usually I tip.
                          Never know, maybe one of us will end up waitressing or driving one day.
                          When we would go out for supper with my parents, my dad would tip and mama would sneak it back off the table. LOL.
                          "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                            OMG!! one time we had dinner at Buster's...and as we were walking out..the waiter came running out after us.... he caught us outside the front door. He had the NERVE to ask if we found his service unsatisfactory. He then commented he was asking only cuz we did not leave him a tip!

                            I was FUMING!! THA NERVE!! I marched back inside.. went back to our table. PICKED up the tip I left... and then told him... He was lucky I didnt report him to his manager.. then I pocketed the money and left.


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                              *LMAO*!!!! OMg...:rofl2: :rofl2:

                              talk about desperation huh ....dannngg i would have probably did that AND reported him to his manager! LMAO..never know how many other customers he may have done that too!! :rofl2:


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