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  • whats your ring tone?

    my sissers ring tone sounds like shes playin SIMON :42:
    my phone sucks!! ALL 10 (being sarcastic) of their choices sound so appealing its difficult to choose from sometime Next time I'm gettin me a better-ringtone downloadable-maybe camera?-color screen-phone. :D
    What's your ringtone?

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    Mine is an Asian Jingle!!! :p

    Its tooooo funny!! LMAO I think when shanda first heard it too..she couldn't stop laffing ..i can't remember... almost broke out into the fan dance!!! LMAO :rofl2:


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      Just a regular dial tone; don't and won't use a cell.


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        Depends on who calls

        Tito from mnx - for regular callers

        Blacklodge "Mighty Mouse" - for family

        MNX - for UW Natives

        and then personal ringtones...

        "lowrider" - for my cuz Jeff...he got in a wreck...but dangit...his new body-kit is coming soon & his ride will be kick*zz once again;)

        Sex in the City Theme song - for my sis Em

        song from Whale Rider - for my best bud Robyn
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          hey u can download ur own kinna "tone" on ur phone??'d u get blacklodge on there??...on my old phone i used to have a chicken "bockin"..wuz pretty i have "foxy mama u have a call" a groovy 70's hippie kinna tone lol..
          "would u like to lick the frybread greaze off of my lippz??"

          check out -


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            LOL. I heard one yesterday, it goes, "you have a call........ you have a call..... you have a call......" lol... cuz my mom isn't used to her cell phone she goes, "whats making that noise???" and it was her cell. My ringtone is "Push It" LOL.. it sounds so crazy. Ndneyez's cousin has "beat it" on her phone, that was a funny one to hear.


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              on my old phone I had a cat meowing and everyone would always go... "is there a cat in here?" but now I cant find that ringtone so i Have a gorilla for when my Ojibwe friends call *L* and chimps when my family calls and a frog ribbiting whenever anyone else calls. :D
              The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                I got Dave Chappelle saying "I'm Rick James b!tch!"


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                  Originally posted by superndngyrl
                  i Have a gorilla for when my Ojibwe friends call
                  You know what would be hilarious? If you had a moose call for when I called hahaha!
                  Got percap?


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                    my celli bugles like an elk for my calls... haha, jks

                    i lubb the fact that i can "personalize" my ring tones... it's like audio caller-id... haha

                    i have this eerie vampire ring for when my parents call,
                    "mountain king" (don't ask... crazy weird sounding) tone for my sis, and jay-z's "sunshine" for my b/f, for everyone else it's normal celli ring - kinda like the phone ring from noreaga's "what what" song... you kno?
                    "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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                      I have Metallica's "Unforgiven" for just about everyone, VIP list "Hey Hey" VIP list used to be a mountain cat roar, have a horse on it, jingle bells, yep! Thank my lucky stars for polyphonic rigtones... they almost sound real!


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                        Kwe Zee...I use the same ringtone!
                        *PUSH IT*

                        And for my squeeze, I use *Let's Talk About Sex"


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                          I have the "Forrest Gump Theme" for when my mom calls....

                          "Your Body is a Wonderland" for when my sister calls....Every time I answer she says "MY Body is a wonderland not yours"

                          A ringtone that sounds like an icecream truck when my bro in law calls...

                          Everyone else gets a "raindrops" ring tone...



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                            blacklodge ringtone

                            Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
                            hey u can download ur own kinna "tone" on ur phone??'d u get blacklodge on there??...on my old phone i used to have a chicken "bockin"..wuz pretty i have "foxy mama u have a call" a groovy 70's hippie kinna tone lol..
                            I have a Nokia 3650 phone. It has a recorder on it. So I can record at powwows or have people sing into my phone or record off the CD player.....and make whatever i record into my ringtone.

                            they're are sooo many good phones out there.....amazing stuff they're comin' out with.
                            there's no "i" in Yakama

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                              Good I've been through so many. Now I have *girls just wanna have fun* Before I had Tupac old one *changes* then before that I had eminem *drug ballad* then before that I had halloween theme *michel myers* but it scared me in the middle of the night when it rang cuz you get up and all you here is that music. Then before that I had 50-cent P.I.M.P I'm getting bored already with the one I have now so I'm gonna go through and pick another one.


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